Friday, January 23, 2009

Bandit Lures - Truly Remarkable Lures!

Hello and welcome to "Kenny's Great Outdoors" once again! Here is one of those old reliable lures that everyone, needs in their tackle box! These reliable crank baits are Bass catchers. I really mean this. I have found them to be excellent for lake fishing and are killer lures for the rivers too. Yes I said, rivers too! Many times I have been asked about lures for catching bass on the rivers and Well , This is one of those lures!

You can get this lure in several models that go from shallow to deep, which you will find to be a true asset to your fishing abilities.

The model in the picture above is the 300 series and It is BOSS!

Here is a list as follows with depths included, FYI !
All Bandit series lures run about $4 where I get them. Pretty cheap but GOOD! I personally endorse them and I don't make a dime from them either! Free Advertisement!

Bandit Lures

Foot loose series 0-1 ft
100 series 2-5 ft
200 series 4-8 ft
300 series 8- 12 ft

As you can see, this lure can cover practically every depth you want to fish! I always seem to go to this lure and catch fish with it! I have had success with trolling them too! White bass hit this lure very aggressively, especially when trolling!

You not only catch bass with them but you can catch stripers, hybrids, white bass, and walleye too, and I have! You need to get some of these lures, they are really hot lures on Truman Lake! Just nobody knows it yet, except maybe me! ;-) Well now that I have let it slip , You know too! But lets don't tell anybody, OK?

They come in all kinds of color combinations for even the pickiest fishermen. The lures have a real wide, slow, wobble, that entices even the most finickiest Bass to literally inhale it! Razor sharp hooks to ensure a good hook set!

So until next time , get you some " Bandits " and catch a bunch!
Keep your bandits wet, and "See ya out there!"

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Wolfy said...

Kenny, I agree that teh Bandit baits are good, and widely underused and under appreciated. But I don'r get the fact that , wit hsome people , thye have an almost revered , cult-like status. I haven't used them enough to be completely knowledgable on them, but I have thrown them. And they do work. Just not any better than my other crankbaits, IMHO. I like them, and they're part of my crankbait arsenal, but I'm not ready to throw out my other baits! I actually think the Strike King crankbaits are equally good and completely under utilized. Just my opinion, as always.

Can't wait for spring!!