Sunday, February 1, 2009

How To Key In On Bass And Catch More Consistently!

When Bass Fishing, a person, needs a broad understanding and lots of knowledge about his adversary. This is true in any sport.
The more you understand the nature of a bass and his habits and why he does what he does, the more successful you will be as a bass fisherman! So let's elaborate on this by keying in a few points.
We should ask ourselves the question, "What do bass need to survive?"

A bass needs a few things to survive, Without them the bass will perish!

Oxygen - Food - Cover - and of course water! ;-)

Oxygen - is very important to a bass. As a general rule, cooler water, has more oxygen content and will cause the bass to be more active. There are many things that can contribute to oxygen levels in the water , to name a few, Rivers , wind blown banks, deep water areas, power plants, just a few, there are many more. In the hot summer months a bass will go below the thermal line to get more oxygen.

Food - Bass will eat just about anything , but their main food sources are crayfish and shad. If there is plenty of oxygen and cover then the food chain will usually be present for a bass! A bass needs good oxygen levels to be active to feed and there you have it.

Cover - There is all kinds of cover that a bass will use and he uses cover for multiple reasons. One reason is to hide in ambush for an unsuspecting prey. A bass will expend as little energy as possible to get as much as possible, at one try. The bass also uses cover for shade to get away from the sunlight. A bass has no eyelids or eye lashes, to keep the sun out, so he will try to get in the shade of cover, whether it would be a stump, a log, boat dock, you get the picture.

If you learn to key in on these areas, Oxygen, Food, and Cover, you will be more successful at your bass fishing!

Bass have a few survival mechanisms built in by nature.

Sight, hearing, feeling, taste and smell!

These are used to tune or key in on their prey and they work equally well in all conditions! When the water is clear, or muddy it doesn't have much of an effect on how well a bass can obtain food for survival. A bass is very much so , a highly tuned predator!

If you learn to use lures, that key in on these areas of a fishes senses, stimulate their senses , so to speak , you will catch more fish, thus , becoming a more successful bass fisherman!

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Anonymous said...

great article. I love bass fishing it never gets old.

Kenny Breckenridge said...

The Fishermens Life, thanks for the comment, and I couldn't agree with you more. It catches you and gets in your blood. Kinda like a big bass, I am hooked too!