Tuesday, March 2, 2010

White Bass - Truman Lake

Been so busy lately, I haven't had time to turn around! The weather settled down and we have been enjoying normal weather around here! With spring right around the corner ( fishing season ), I had to get all my spring cleaning , honey do items done! Enough said!

February 19,-21 spent a few days in the hospital, not me, but I had to be present for the birth of my new grandson, Tyler Lee Robinson! He weighed in as a feather weight @ 4.9 lbs about 3 weeks early, but the doctor said he was full developed and doing great, he already stayed at grandpa's  a night or two and did just fine. I think he might turn out to be another fishing buddy?

Anyway, I got to go to the lake fishing this past week and the weather was great! We were after white bass and stripers and hybrids, as we thought they might bite if we could find them!

Headed over to Truman Lake and went to Sap Landing, the Pomme de terre branch of of Truman, it's a pretty good size river at this area and when the whites are running a  good place to get healthy if you know what I mean!

We threw everything we had and manage to catch 22 whites and I mean they were hard to come by! They were not schooling where we caught them, but were scattered! We caught them mainly trolling a blue backed glass shad rap! The whites seem to like them, but not hitting them very aggressively, like they normally do! They usually jerked your rod out of your hand, they hit them so hard! Bit more like a crappy if you know what I mean!

Last Saturday, we went back to Truman and the whites weren't to be found around Sap Landing for some reason, we couldn't find them so we headed out toward the main lake trolling and we found a big striper, or at least Jerry landed one after about a 20 minute battle he landed a 19 lb striper and I hung one but he got off and left me looking like a dumbfounded idiot! Ha! but we hauled in 25 nice whites that would have impressed any fisherman and headed back to the farm!

Now I haven't eaten any fish for a while so Jerry and his family and my wife and I, settled in to having us a fish fry, good ole hush puppies, french fries, white bass, and of course some good ole red onions! We pigged out and now all is well again, here at "Kenny's Great Outdoors!"

Now when the whites are running you can catch a limit of 15 in less than an hour, and these two days, it took all day both days, but we did get close to our limits both days! So it is a few weeks until the white bass fishing gets hot, that is if the weather hold up and continues to get warmer! They should start staging real soon and then let the "action" begin!

So until next time keep your lines tight and your hooks wet, see ya out there!
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Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow, And Then, More Snow!

Man, we have been getting pounded over and over, ever since the new year began! I have noticed that the whole country has been getting one snow after another! Seems as though it has been the worst winter on record ( my opinion ) !

Well, today, tonight and tomorrow the weather forecast here in Missouri, again, snow? Oh well , snow is pretty and so I took a walk yesterday and just made the best of it! After all it won't really be that long until spring anyway!

I didn't hear if the ground hog saw it's shadow or not, not that it really matters! March the 21 or 22 is officially the first day of spring and that is about 6 weeks, if the ground hog sees his shadow it means early spring, roughly six weeks! Now, I don't think there is much proof that you can accurately predict weather by a ground hog shadow anyway!

I walked around for a couple of hours, seen some deer, and lots of critter tracks every where I went. All them poor critters are looking for something to eat and a place to seek shelter from the storm, so it's difficult for them and us! We have to deal with it getting to work, trying to hunt or fish, and I know every one is tired of dealing with it, and ready for spring! How about the wildlife? I am sure they are ready for spring too!

Spring will get here when spring wants or decides to and not a moment sooner, so I guess we just need to make the best of it and enjoy it while it lasts! Hopefully, not too much more snow though, I am tired of shoveling and slipping and sliding and spinning and looking at the outdoors through a window.

It's just like humans to complain, if its dry we complain about no rain, if its raining we complain about that! Its either too hot or too cold, too dry or too wet! I am guilty of this very thing myself and I am going to work on that, too! We just need to make the best of the situation no matter what it is. I think God knows what he's doing! I guess we should just be thankful! It could be worse!
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Friday, February 5, 2010

Missouri Hunting And Fishing Permits!

I just wanted to post this article today, because it is, once again, that time of the year, when Missourians, need to purchase hunting and/or fishing permits! Missouri permits expire after February 28!

This also applies to non resident permits as well. According to the Missouri Conservation Department the prices of permits for hunting and fishing are as follows:

Youth 15 and under, not required to have a license and Youths 65 or older are not required to have a license, unless they are trout fishing, and then are required to have a daily tag or a trout stamp, depending on what waters they are fishing.

Those  people 16 - 65 are required to have a fishing and/or hunting permit, and also must have a daily trout tag or yearly trout stamp.

Resident fishing license - daily fishing permit = $7.00

Resident Fishing annual permit = $12.00

Resident huntin and fishing annual permit combo =$19.00

non resident fishing annual permits =$42.00

I searched the whole site over and couldn't find a price on non resident  hunting and fishing combo so you will have to contact the Conservation department for the details on that!

These are just the general guidelines of permit requirements, and there are more details on the exact regulations on the MDOC website.

So for the time being enjoy your 2009 permits while you can and if you can, weather permitting of course! March 1 will be here soon and this is why I am reminding everyone to make sure not to forget to purchase and possess your permits, before then!

Permit Obligations
Accepting a permit means that you: agree to observe all the rules of the Wildlife

1 will not loan your permit to another;

2 will allow inspection of your permit, picture identification, catch and
equipment by an agent of the Conservation Department;

3 will carry your permit while fishing.

If you ordered your permit by telephone or on the internet and have not received
it by mail, you must carry the permit authorization number and picture
identification with you while fishing until your permit arrives.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

KSTP TV - Minneapolis and St. Paul - Video of dead fish in Mississippi angers anglers

KSTP TV - Minneapolis and St. Paul - Video of dead fish in Mississippi angers anglers

 I stumbled upon this video and article, and decided it should be posted again, so it is now posted! I just posted an article on this very thing about "SPEAK UP! It is time to be heard, folks!

I want you readers to comment on this and tell us what you think about this! I myself am outraged that such stupid, moronic laws like this are even considered to become law! All for the sake of financial profit, without even considering the outcome of such naive (ignorant ) legislation!

I think than any outdoor activist should increase their intestinal fortitude and speak their opinion and make sure the right people hear!

Please, for the sake of the outdoors that we love and the animals that live in it, document your comments right here, make it a public record comment, lets do try to speak up in a protesting manner but with mature methods or gestures!

There is power in numbers and  yes let's make some comments, click on the link and come back and tell the blogosphere what you think!  Click on the link or on the title
of this post to see video and article, you will be surprised! What do you think about
this situation?
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Sunday, January 31, 2010

On The Lite Side ?

Hear is a little bass fishing humor, to brighten up our snowy and cold weather, here in Missouri and pretty much all the surrounding states  right now! Enjoy! We could all use a smile right about now I am sure!

Near a highway bridge several boats were scattered about in the lake as there was the Annual Bass Catchers Classic fishing tournament in progress, when a funeral procession came by on the bridge.

Everybody just kept on fishing except for one fisherman, who put his fishing pole down, stood up, removed his hat and remained in that fashion until the funeral procession was passed.

A nearby fisherman happened to see this and was impressed at how respectful the man had been, so he cranked up his boat and pulled up beside the other mans boat.

"Howdy, I saw how considerate you were toward that funeral procession, pausing and standing like that. I wish I had been as thoughtful!"

The other man replied, "I reckon it's the least I could do. After all, we'd been married for nearly 30 years."


Two boys were sitting on the rivers edge fishing. One turns to the other and says "Do fish grow fast?".

The other boy replies "I think so. Every time my Dad tells the story about the one that got away it grows another foot"


Two guys are talking about fishing. One says to the other, "I am NEVER going to take my wife fishing with me, ever again!"

"That bad, huh?"

"She did everything wrong! She did everything wrong! She talked too much, made the boat rock constantly, tried o stand up in the boat, baited the hook wrong, used the wrong lures and worst of all she caught more fish than me!" he replied.
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A Little Twist To Bass Fishing!

You ever had a fishing buddy that took fishing this serious, well I think we all have, I just couldn't resist this post! Its definitely different than what your probably used to on this site, but It will surely get you to crack a smile, or maybe even crack some heads if the ladies don't like it! HA!

I think it is a funny video! It is sure to get a comment or two, so don't be shy give us the feedback anyway, as it's all good in the end!

Remind you of anyone? I know someone very close to me that this happened to, more or less! Not a word! HA!

So, until next time, keep your hooks wet and be sure and boat safely, see ya all out there!
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I made a few phone calls and gathered all the fishing reports around the area lakes that I could and here are the results:
Stockton Lake

Water temp 36-38 or cold to really cold

Crappie are biting excellent in 50-60 foot of water in brush piles.  Use a jig and a 2" grub and get right into the brush.  The brush close to drop offs, channel swings and on points seem to produce bigger fish.  Look for schools of shad and the fish seem to be a little more active.

Bass- All reports so far have been pretty slow.

Walleye are fair in 35-45 foot of water on jigs and minnows.  Some of these are being caught by crappie fishing.  Won't be long till the big ones are biting!!

No report on catfish
Lake Of The Ozarks

 The ice has melted from the main channel due to all the current in the main Osage. There are also some launch areas that have ice cleared from their coves. The water is still very cold. The coves are still frozen and the main lake is 37-38 degrees for the most part. There are some warmer temps over on the North Shore area. The water was clear. But now since it has risen and with all the current there is some stain to it. Most of the fishing is main channel stuff. The coves were frozen and the fish I've been catching are deep with their bellies on the bottom. More will develope as the lake thaws out in the Gravois. This will be the good clear water.
Lake Norfork

101 Grocery and Bait said cold weather has kept some anglers off the water, but fishing has been good for those who have managed to get out. Live bait and jigging spoons are catching fish well. The surface water temp is in the mid-30s depending on the area of the lake you are in.

Norfork Tailwater:

John Berry from Berry Brothers Guide Service said generation has been around the clock, with no wadable water. Brightly colored San Juan worms (red, cerise and hot fluorescent pink) and egg patterns (peach and orange) have been the go-to flies. Long leader tippet combinations and heavy weight have been the secret to success. Work the banks and submerged weed beds. Be on the lookout for a shad kill. Dry Run Creek has fished well. The hot fly has been a sow bug in size 14. Worm brown San Juan worms and egg patterns also have done well. The weather has improved a bit and now is the perfect time to take your youngster to Dry Run.
Bull Shoals Lake

As the temperature goes up and down so do the fishing patterns,habits,and locations. When the temps were rising the shad started to die, Thus the stick bait bite increased. Then the temps dropped and the Bass went back to the main lake bluffs where soft plastics and twin spins did the trick.When the hard overnight  rains came the fish started feeding where the stained water entered the lake. Crank baits and spinnerbaits were best fished at the 'stain' line. This time of the year it is imperative to pay attention to the weather and adjust accordingly.
Truman  Lake - No report

You can usually always, catch fish on Missouri's Lakes and streams - if you check with the locals you can find out where and how to catch those fish! Good luck and tight lines!
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Cabin Fever? Try Striper Fishing!

Do you have cabin fever yet? Here is the remedy for that cabin fever! I think it will tide you over until warmer weather comes and its back to norm fishing again! I find striper fishing to be exciting, and quite exhilarating, to the cooped up feeling of late winter, cabin fever!

Striped bass fishing is one of the many types of bass fishing that has become very popular in the last ten or fifteen years. Fishing for these predators is both challenging and fun!  As a matter of fact I am planning a trip in February to pursue these awesome predators! If I get to go, I will keep you posted! 

 There are several ways to catch these fish such as by casting, trolling and even bottom fishing. In most areas, stripers do not reproduce well requiring extensive game management and stocking. The best months for catching this game fish are late February through May. This is because striped bass begin to feed aggressively as they prepare to spawn, although you can catch them year round!

Bait - Finding and using the right type of bait for stripers is the same as any other type of fishing. The more experienced striped bass fisherman will spend a lot of time looking for schools of bait fish. They know that when they find these schools that the big stripers will be very close by. Netting your bait is quite the challenge sometimes, but well worth the effort!

 Live shad are the bait of choice when using live bait because they are the primary forage food for stripers,here in Missouri Lakes.You had better hang on when one of the stripers hit a live shad on your hook! They hit like a locomotive and the fight is on leaving the fisherman numb armed and weary at best!

When it comes to bass fishing, striped bass fishing is one of the favorites for many and you can also find yourself hooked by this incredible experience. There is just no way to describe the exhilaration you feel when you hook into one of these monsters and you discover that you are in for the fight of your life!

So if you happen to be at the lake try your luck at striper fishing, but be careful, if you hook a striper, you'll be hooked on stripers from then on! No pun intended of course! If you haven't tried striper fishing, then you just haven't lived yet! Just kidding, but it can be very addictive!

So until next time keep your hooks wet, and be sure to boat safely,and unless your fish hungry, practice catch and release! See ya out there I hope, and good luck on YOUR
next outdoor adventure!
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

What Does The Future Hold For Wildlife And The Outdoors?

As the new year begins and progresses, I sit here wondering what the future of the outdoors holds? A very broad subject, and there are many opinions! My opinion is, that if man continues down the present road, on which we ARE on, the future of the outdoors and the wildlife that lives in it have a rather bleak and short future!

The following statement is not my opinion, but I think is an understatement of the true and alarming facts;

Corinne Podger (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/2000325.stm) wrote that nearly 25% of all mammals face extinction within 30 years. This is due to the destruction of rainforests, wetland and other habitats, the impact of industry and the introduction of alien species from one part of the world to another. The United Nations Environment Programme (Unep) report in 2002 identified more than 11,000 endangered animal and plant species - including more than 1,000 mammals. One in eight bird species is also in danger of extinction, and more than 5,000 different plants.

I believe that here in 2010 that is an understatement!  What can we do, if anything to slow down or stop this devastating future reality!  As man populates and expands our horizons, we slowly cause the devastating fate of the wildlife in the outdoors.

We have to get involved, we as outdoor writers, hunters, fishermen, and those who just enjoy nature and wildlife in the outdoors. The very future of the things we all say we enjoy, depend on the management of our resources, this is true! But there is more to it than recognizing, limits and managing there populations!

What the ANSWER is, I really couldn't summarize in just one blog article, but MAN IS the reason for animal extinctions and animal extinction endangerment! MAN has to be the reason these things slow down and stop if we can determine how to!

We write articles and tell stories of how to catch fish, and kill animals, but what about articles to stop the poisoning and starving of the above said species? If we don't change our ways (mans) then we had better get ready to witness the extinction of many species of animals , etc.. Are we willing to witness this or change our ways?

Will the deer or fish you pursue still be around  for future generations or will they have to visit a zoo or aquarium to see the very animals we all see in their natural environment at present!

While I don't have all the answers, I will do my part to ensure their future! We have to share this planet and its resources! After all, God made all of these things for us and expects us to maintain and protect all he has created!  What is your opinion? Do you really believe that the future of wildlife is endangered or threatened? Do you really believe there is anything we can really do?

Speak up, and get involved! The future of the outdoors, and its wildlife depends on us to come up with the answers and the solutions. Man and wildlife can co-exist together! The  wildlife was put here as a resource to mankind, not to just be killed and eaten but to manage and maintain a healthy population and the habitat that each one of them and ourselves included, have been given! We can't take for granted, that down the present path that whatever we do, wildlife will adapt! We have to quit talking about it and start doing something about it, NOW!

What if anything are you going to do? Can one person change the fate of all animals and the outdoors? No, but there is power in numbers! Get involved! Life without these creatures or the beautiful outdoors, would be humdrum and downright boring! Feel free to comment, and get involved, somehow, somewhere! " Get er Done!" What are you gonna do or presently doing to get involved and change the future of the outdoors and the already endangered species in your area?
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Friday, January 8, 2010

Out With The Old: In With The New!

It has been a while since my last post, as some of you have probably noticed, and I am now briefly going to bring you all up to date on what has, or has not been going on, here at "Kenny's Great Outdoors!"

From my last post until Christmas, I have been dealing with some very serious health issues! It took a long while and now those issues are a thing of the past.

Then I discovered that my blog, had been hijacked, by some low life, nothing better to do with their time, hacker thieves!  I discovered I no longer had control of my blog! I couldn't log in to post, and I watched my blog change colors etc. So I got a few of my geek friends, to help me REPOSSESS, my blog! As of January 3, 2010 "Kenny's Great Outdoors" Is back under my control and plans are to keep it that way! 

I have stopped allowing automatic comments, all comments will now be screened and reviewed before allowing them to be published on my blog! It seems as though a few bad apples got into the basket and have spoiled it all for the rest of us! I do apologize for that, but will now only allow appropriate comments that contribute to the post! All post will be screened and only those that are appropriate will be approved, NO MORE SPAM comments will be allowed or tolerated! If you add a link to your comment, make sure it is not to a spam site!

Those of you who comment and have links in your comments, are welcome, whether you agree or disagree, this is not a problem! There have been way too many spam comments, and my readers and myself, have grown tired of the inconsiderate spam, in which doesn't even relate to the post and links to sites that aren't even outdoor related!

I do apologize to those readers , that have respected these rules, and now have to wait for approval , of their comments, I really do hate this, but is something I have to do to maintain integrity, and respect to all who visit this site! My readers are dear to me and I value each and every one of you! Once these spammers have been put in their place and can learn to respect the rules, then we might, and I  stress very much "MIGHT!"  lighten up on the comments policy!  This is my play house and no more bs is going to be tolerated!

You know who you are, SPAMMER or legit commenter, if the shoe fits wear it, if the word "SPAMMER" does not apply to you then disregard this post! I am no longer "SPAM" tolerant! If the spam persists then I will turn over the spammers ISP and identities to google and let them deal with them!

One last word to the hackers, and they know who they are as I have contacted them! This is the only chance I am giving you, the next time you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! Quit being lazy and create your own blog and posts and create your own traffic sources! It does require a lot of work,and time! So to coin a phrase, " GET ER DONE!" But not with this blog!

Sorry to waste your time and my time to address this issue, but enough is enough!

Please stay tuned for more updates and posts, I love you all, and hope that 2010 is a better year for all of you! Now on with the new and out with the old, and the spamming is getting old, So please excuse my ranting and raving, enough said already!
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