Friday, January 23, 2009

Bandit Lures - Truly Remarkable Lures!

Hello and welcome to "Kenny's Great Outdoors" once again! Here is one of those old reliable lures that everyone, needs in their tackle box! These reliable crank baits are Bass catchers. I really mean this. I have found them to be excellent for lake fishing and are killer lures for the rivers too. Yes I said, rivers too! Many times I have been asked about lures for catching bass on the rivers and Well , This is one of those lures!

You can get this lure in several models that go from shallow to deep, which you will find to be a true asset to your fishing abilities.

The model in the picture above is the 300 series and It is BOSS!

Here is a list as follows with depths included, FYI !
All Bandit series lures run about $4 where I get them. Pretty cheap but GOOD! I personally endorse them and I don't make a dime from them either! Free Advertisement!

Bandit Lures

Foot loose series 0-1 ft
100 series 2-5 ft
200 series 4-8 ft
300 series 8- 12 ft

As you can see, this lure can cover practically every depth you want to fish! I always seem to go to this lure and catch fish with it! I have had success with trolling them too! White bass hit this lure very aggressively, especially when trolling!

You not only catch bass with them but you can catch stripers, hybrids, white bass, and walleye too, and I have! You need to get some of these lures, they are really hot lures on Truman Lake! Just nobody knows it yet, except maybe me! ;-) Well now that I have let it slip , You know too! But lets don't tell anybody, OK?

They come in all kinds of color combinations for even the pickiest fishermen. The lures have a real wide, slow, wobble, that entices even the most finickiest Bass to literally inhale it! Razor sharp hooks to ensure a good hook set!

So until next time , get you some " Bandits " and catch a bunch!
Keep your bandits wet, and "See ya out there!"

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Catching Spring Time River Goggle Eyes !

With all this talk about Spring Bass fishing , I almost forgot about Spring river fishing on the "Big Piney" river. Man I am telling you now if you haven't been fishing on the "Piney" in the spring , you just haven't been fishing! Plain and simple, About from the middle of March thru May the fishing on the "Big Piney" is super AWESOME!

The rock bass or goggle eyes as the locals call them are just tearing up anything you throw. Now this fish is not real big but if you lighten up on the tackle, say an ultra light, then you will find that goggle eyes will give you many hours of excitement as they are prespawn and hungry.

Now the "Big Piney" is real clear,spring fed, fairly fast moving and can be a challenge navigating your canoe or jon boat down through the shoals and dodging trees that have washed in during high water during early spring and late fall rainy seasons. You can catch these little buggers on a spinner , fairly small crank baits , minnows, you name it!

In the past several years the conservation of Missouri have put a creel on the goggle eyes. You can keep 15 a day , and they have to be 9 inches long, this has really helped the river recover from over fishing pressure in the past years. Now you will catch several bigger goggle eyes than in years past. I remember when you could fish all day , catch 50 or 60 and maybe keep 5 or 6 that were 9 inches or better. Now its doing a lot better. They also have implemented small mouth trophy areas on the "Piney" and you can keep 1 a day 18 inches long minimum. You wouldn't believe what has happened to the "Big Piney".

I really believe that fishermen and the conservation can work hand in hand to better the fishing conditions on any body of water as long as the public honors these implementations of conservation.
Established creels and limits are noteworthy toward the reestablishment of fish in depleted waterways.

The goggle eye are biting anything you throw. The wildlife you see is abundant and it all makes for a wonderful day on the River! The sites and sounds are abundant, maybe a nice fire on a gravel bar to boot. I always loved the smell of a campfire in the "Great Outdoors"

Goggle eyes are not big, but they sure give you a good fight on an ultra lite and they sure are good eating too! So if you haven't been goggle eye fishing on the" Big Piney" river then get out there this spring and let er rip , so to speak. Have a blast! Keep only what you can eat and release the rest. I have spent 45 years plus fishing on the "Big Piney" river and I have caught a semi truck or two , loaded with goggle eye and bass. There is just something about river fishing that won't let you go, and I am glad.

So until next time, catch some of them Spring time "goggle eyes" for me. See ya out there, and boat safely!

Why Is Bass Fishing ,Becoming So Popular?

Bass fishing is becoming rather quickly and by great force, the fastest growing outdoor recreational activity in the USA! Bass fishermen and women come in all sizes, and shapes, and from all age groups , and to be quite honest, size and shape and age means nothing to this aggressive , predatory fish.

Bass fishing isn't just for men anymore. Women are becoming very good at Bass fishing and they seem to love Bass Fishing as much as men do. There are also a growing number of young people who have picked up the pole and have started fishing for Bass. Bass fishing is definitely a pastime for all ages.

Knowing where and how to catch Largemouth Bass requires deep understanding that can take you years to master and in the process you can spend thousands of dollars from your pocket just to pick up information that is readily available on "Kenny's Great Outdoors"

Largemouth bass are known for their overall size and sometimes over powering resistance when hooked, favoring short, powerful runs and escape to cover such as submerged logs or weedbeds. Largemouth bass are America's most popular gamefish, and with good reason: They strike aggressively, fight hard, tail walk , jump, and grow large. No wonder we love it so much.

Largemouth Bass are a tough fish to catch, they know how to play the game; you really have to get into the mind of this fish to be able to catch it, consistantely! You have to beat the largemouth bass at their own game, and they change the rules as they go.Which I might add , isn't fair, but who said life was fair anyways? What's up with that?

What are your opinions of the largemouth bass and what are the reasons you think it is becoming very popular with the people of the outdoor world! Is it just something to do , as some have said, or is it deeper than that? Lets hear your comments on this subject!

#1 bass catching tip of the day! Read ON!

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So until next time, keep your hooks wet, and boat safely! See ya all out there , soon, I hope! Enjoy the "GREAT OUTDOORS!"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spring Bass Fishing - For Old Iron Jaws!

I have been asked time and time again, "what tactics can lead to a big wall hanging Lunker!" Well, that's not a real easy question to answer, as sometimes it is hard to catch even a regular bass! I don't know of anyone , that has a secret formula or a specific formula, as math and bass fishing don't even belong on the same page! HA! I do think however, that I can give you a few tips that will make you a better candidate for a LUNKER BASS!

One way is to make sure you fish in the "Spring!" Typically February through May , you want to fish a lot and hard and thoroughly. I tend to throw BIG crank baits, or jerk baits, because it makes a bigger meal for Mr Bass or at least so we hope him to think for at least a second or so! With the prespawn thing happening in the water, Mr. Bass might be preoccupied or distracted for some strange reason.

As the water warms up to around 60 degrees the females (The big Ones!) move up to shallow staging areas. As the water temperature rises up to somewhere between 60 and 65 they move on up to shallower gravel bars , of flats. I have found that during these times of staging, right up to the spawn is a spectacular time to catch a huge bass! I throw a zara spook or a jerk bait or even a spinner works well ! Maybe a shad looking crank bait.

Be extremely careful if you catch a big female because she is full of eggs and should be released asap, without harm. Measure her girth and length and photograph her and you can get a nice mount from the measurements and photos.

You want to use a good rod and a good strong reel and fish hard and diligently, You will have real success and maybe even catch that big "wall hanger" you have only dreamed of! If you pursue him with consistency and patience , sooner than later hopefully, you will catch one for the lunker board!

The bottom line is When the prespawn and the staging is going on, and the Dogwood" is in full bloom It is time to be fishing hard and often. Some say there is a certain amount of luck needed to score the big one , buy I say skill and perseverance, along with a little luck is a necessity for success. When a bass is preoccupied with the spawn then he or she might be a little more vulnerable making your day a lot brighter!

I know there are a lot more tips about how to catch Mr or Mrs Lunker Bass, But if you will follow these basic, simple strategies then you will have a little LUCK or maybe even a little FATE on your side!

So until next time, keep your hooks wet , and we hope to see ya out there , this Spring , Good Luck and boat safe!

Bass Fishing Just For Fun ?

Well, its almost that time of the year again , when fishing, whether its bass fishing or crappie fishing or cat fishing or just fishing in general, strongly calls out, the fishermen and women to the "Great Outdoors!" Bass fishing is a great outdoor sport that demands the respect of even the greatest bass fishermen around!

Bass fishing is a combination of outdoor adventure and recreation. Some might say bass fishing is about catching and releasing, and that's ok for some, but some of us love to eat them too! It can be a sport for the serious (pro) or not so serious fishermen! There are tournaments to enter for the more serious fishermen and then there is just plain ole leisure fishing for the not so serious men or women.

Bass fishing has become quite the favorite past time of many Americans! It's not just a man sport anymore! Women and children are taking an active part of fishing all across the globe! Bass fishing does not discriminate against any sex or age of individuals.

There are thousands of TV shows promoting bass fishing, and there are thousands of websites and blogs that educate us and inform us all about these crafty little creatures, some of which , might not be little, but could be classified as " lunkers " to some.

I have heard some say bass fishing is easy, well this is not even close to the truth! There are hundreds of different lures and colors and sizes and shapes. Some catch fishermen and some catch bass!

No matter what kind of fishermen and women and kids you are , there is always a river, creek , or lake that is close by , for your fishing pleasure.

To get started bass fishing you need a rod or two, several baits or lures, a decent reel , and a strong desire to catch fish! Pretty simple! Or is it? As anyone who has been fishing long, can tell you, it can even get down right expensive, if you let it! Some people try to buy ever lure, every color, and before you know it your credit cards are maxed out and your wife is mad and threatening you!

While your fishing , remember to use all of your senses , as there is a lot more going on around you than just fishing! Soak up the scenery , whether it be birds, or animals, or even other people. All of these things add to your fishing experience. Sounds , such as the birds, squirrels barking, maybe even an eagle overhead , screeching loudly! Soak it all in and log it to memory! Ducks swimming, kids playing, all these things go along with fishing.

Even the smells you might experience , such as the smell after a fresh rain, the smell of fish, the smell or aroma of wild flowers. All these things go along with and belong to bass fishing!

So as spring is in the air, and you head out to the lake, or river, remember to enjoy the "Great Outdoors!" Pay attention not only to the bass, but also to nature, sounds, smells and Enjoy, totally the fishing experience, Americas fast growing, outdoor recreational, pastime. See ya out there! Remember to keep your hooks wet and to boat safely!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Winter Bass Fishing On The Gasconade River

Just got back from an all day float on the Gasconade river! The temperatures were in the upper 50s today and the sun was shining most of the time , too. The bass fishing wasn't as good as the weather, though. We tried several lures and the only thing they was biting was the pig n jig! Black or brown was pretty equal as we only caught 8 bass between us.

Jerry caught 4 keepers on the brown jig n pig, and I caught 4 keepers on the black jig n pig. The fish were between 3 and 4 1/2 lbs. Now, that's not bad for winter fishing. Don't get me wrong I have spent worse days on the rivers and lakes , but fishing was slow. We started this morning about 7 am and took out about 5 pm. Ten hours of fishing and only 8 keepers. There was about 6 that was undersized.

Though we could have done worse than we did , I guess we shouldn't complain, but you know how it is , We were complaining anyway. Jerry caught a nice small mouth , that turned out the biggest for the day, at about 4 1/2 lbs. Man do those small mouth bass fight and run, even in the winter. Jerry quit complaining after that and so I followed suit.

Now 50ish temperature is warmer than what we have been having around here, but it is still chilly , especially when you're on the water! We had plenty of coffee and also had plenty to eat. We didn't eat until about 3pm because Jerry thought we would fish better on an empty stomach! ;-) I tend to agree with him.

We also saw about 13 deer, and who knows how many turkeys, and we even saw some wild hogs! The wild hogs were standing on a gravel bar, watching us, until they figured out what we was and then they split after running at us some. Pretty scary , but no harm done. We also watched a squirrel in a sycamore tree hanging over the water! He was doing just fine, not bothering anybody,when a limb that he jumped on broke and into the drink he went. We laughed and the squirrel didn't think it was funny at all!

You don't always have to catch a ton of fish to have a good time and enjoy the "Great Outdoors!" So until next time, keep your hooks wet, and we hope to see ya out there! Boat Safely!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shifting Your Bass Fishing Into High Gear Yet?

As winter makes its last stand of the season, we get ready for some more great spring bass fishing! When the white bass are running, and the large mouth bass start their prespawn, We know that fishing is at its finest hour during this time of the year. So get ready, And hang on!

Though right now we are still fighting the elements of winter and we pick and choose which sunny day we want to freeze on, while in pursuit of " Mr Bass!" Right now I have worn out 3 rods and reels, and a lot of my wife's patients as I am really super bored. I have cleaned every lure and polished and sharpened every hook in my box. Cleaned and polished and waxed my boat and trailer! It is getting closer to springtime bass fishing.

Any way , rather and just rant and ramble, it is time to get all those honey do jobs out of the way. You know all the things around the house , that need to be getting done and out of the way! We don't want anything to get in the way of BASS fishing! Or do we? I know I don't!

Every spring I look forward to fishing again, and I get rather psyched about it. First off , trout season opens up in March and then ifs of to the lakes for me. Don't you get wound up at the end of winter? I know I sure do and I don't hesitate to go, between now and then if I get the chance!

Right now I am catching up on reading my favorite fishing blogs and it just winds me up even tighter, than before, ALL RIGHT I am getting a little over board with it , but I do love to fish and I just can't wait to get back out there all the time again!

Spring and Fall are my favorite times of the year to BASS fish! Now don't ask me to choose between the two because I like them both equally well. Any way I guess what the point is , is that its getting close to spring time and when the dogwood blooms, head for the lakes. That's an old time saying that means a lot to those who fish for white bass, Hybrids, Stripers, and Large mouth Bass. And once again it is time for the crappy fishing to get good too. So if you're not ready, then GET ready , Cause it will be here before you know it.

To be honest, I just thought today , I would give you all a ray of hope, so that you could, like myself, get excited about Spring fishing here , in the heart of the Ozarks, Missouri. Bass fishing at its finest hour. Think about it for a moment or two, and until next time.....Enjoy the "Great Outdoors!" And don't forget to keep your hooks wet. See ya out there, I hope!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Finding The Right Combination , Can Sometimes Be Tricky !

Welcome back to "Kenny's Great Outdoors! If this is your first time here, then be sure to check out the archives for a lot of tips, and articles. Feel free to post a comment on any article or about the site or whatever. Just make your self at home and enjoy yourself!

The main subject of discussion is of course "bass fishin" Excuse the spellin for I am just an old country boy at heart! BASS fishing has become one of the fastest growing pastimes in America. I know I love to catch bass and I am very obsessed with figuring out what they are on and what is the pattern.

This past Monday, I went fishing over here at the river and had a pretty productive day. Caught a couple of 3 pounders before noon and had thrown everything I could think of. We also caught some smaller non keepers. I had thrown a jig n pig, a few crank baits and even a spinner bait. It was either wrong lures or the wrong time or something. The bite just wasn't there!

I threw a texas rigged worm of several different colors and about middle afternoon, around 3, I put on a 10 inch blue worm. The water was pretty clear and blue usually works for me in clear water, so I figured what the heck, Turned out to be the "ticket" By the time we had floated down to the truck, I had 5 bass in the live well! The smallest being about 3 pounds and the others were between 4 and 6 lbs. My friend Rick caught five , his were between 3 and 4 pounds , which makes a great fishing adventure, for the day.

The point I am trying to make, is that you might throw a lure, 4 or 5 different colors, and catch nothing. Then you try the 6th color, in this case blue, and tear them UP! This is why I say "don't be afraid to experiment" I had a friend that tried a rat l trap all day, and hadn't had a bite, he tried every color he had. I started fishing a chrome black backed rat l trap and he started laughing at me! I asked him if he tried the color combo that I was using and he said "NO" I caught 10 bass in about 45 minutes , with the smallest one weigh about 5 pounds! He ate crow for the rest of the day!

Sometimes It doesn't matter, and then sometimes "it does"
That's why they call it "bass fishing!" Some fish, and some, CATCH!
Well, it has been "mighty" , and it has been "fun" I guess you could say it has been "mighty fun!" So until next time, keep your hooks wet and boat safely! See ya out there! Enjoy the "Great Outdoors!" ;-))

Monday, January 12, 2009


One of my readers left a comment on a recent post about taking a kid fishing in 2009. Not only is this a good idea but should be a major " things do list item" for every fisherman or woman this year.

I promoted this in 2008 and , well, lets do it again! Kids are the future bass fishermen of the future and we should participate in the teaching and education of the next generation of bass fishermen and women.

I challenge each and everyone of you to take at least one kid fishing this year and teach them the do's and don'ts of fishing. Not only how to, but the laws of fishing and fishing etiquette too!

While competition is great, learning how to be a good sport is essential for the proper development of the next generation of fishermen and women! While everyone likes to win, learning to lose with style and good sportsmanship and winning with good sportsmanship is vital to the future of fishing.

Remember to teach them how to fish and how to fish while respecting the laws and the rights of others. This is very important on our waterways today. Fishing and boating etiquette is very important for our kids and the future of fishing.

Take a kid fishing in 2009 and you will be rewarded for your efforts! A day on the water with a kid is entertaining and fun, so do your part in 2009 and take a kid fishing.

Keep your hooks wet and see ya out there with your kids and have fun fishing in 2009! Enjoy the "Great Outdoors!"


We are going to be talking today about one of the most productive topwater lures on the market today. Some might disagree with that statement but , everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is my own opinion. With spring right around the corner and the spawn is soon to happen, Bass fishing , is fixing to get red hot, and I do mean red hot!

While there is several good topwater lures on the market today, the "Zara Spook" has been around and proven itself time and time again! Even though it is probably one of the hardest lures to learn how to use, it is definitely worth the trouble to master this time proven Big Bass Catcher.

At first glance its one of those lures that doesn't look like much of anything, but under the right circumstances , will fill your livewell in a hurry. It comes in many sizes and colors, and there are a lot of other lure companies , copying this lure in some form or another. While they are all probably effective , they simply can not duplicate what the Zara Spook can do.

The technique used with the Spook is commonly referred to as "WALKING THE DOG" and to be quite honest with you is not easy to learn and will take lots of practise to master, But again, well worth the effort. Many times I have caught my limit of big bass in 15 or 20 minutes in the right place. When a big large mouth bass busts this lure it can get the blood flowing rather quickly and can be the most exciting fishing you have ever experienced. I truly love the top water bite.

I will do my best to explain how to " walk the dog" with the Zara Spook, that works for me and if you practise this method you will be walking the dog in no time!

When tying on a spook you should use either a loop knot or a snap.Remember, the the spook must be worked on a slack line. Point the rod tip at the water, raise the tip about 12 inches then snap it down with your wrist. The lure should swing to one side. Raise the rod tip and snap it again. This will cause the lure to go to the other side. The more slack in the line, the further the lure will move to the side. It is not necessary to move the rod tip from side to side, just snap it straight down, the loop knot or snap allows the lure to swing freely. It isn't necessary to move the rod tip from side to side, just snap it straight down. Reel handle slow enough to keep the slack in the line, yet fast enough to keep the lure moving. The only tip I have for this is PRACTISE!

I find the Zara will draw strikes any time of year the water temps are 55 and up. As far as time of day, I have my best success in low light conditions. If it's overcast, strike can come all day long. This isn't a rule however. I have caught fish under bluebird skies in the middle of the day.There are a couple of tips on the Zara Spook that we should keep fresh in our minds. First, you can't sharpen the hooks enough. The strikes you'll get will be vicious. I've hooked fish in just about every part of their body. Second, don't set the hook until you feel the fish. Too often you set the hook at the sight or sound only to have the lure come flying back at you. If you can, resist setting the hook until you feel the fish on. Should he miss, the chances are good you'll get a second strike as soon as you start working the bait again.

If you don't have a spook or know how to walk the dog , then you should buy some and master this technique. Experiment with colors and this technique, and you will be pulling in a lot of Big bass. Some argue that the spook is more effective in the fall , some say spring, but I have caught bass on the Zara Spook all year round.

Hope you learned something about the" Zara Spook" and " walking the dog" and until next time , keep your hooks wet, see ya out there! Enjoy the "Great Outdoors!"

Almost forgot , I am still waiting on some fishing articles and photos! Don't be shy! Here is your shot for braggin rights! ;-))

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Beneficial Cure To Cabin Fever!

Well here it is January, and the weather man is forecasting a real cold arctic front headed our way, and depending on where you live in the U.S., more than likely headed your way too.Now even though winter fishing is fun and can be very rewarding, even the most extreme die hard bass fishermen are getting tired of freezing and enduring the extremes of the harsh winter weather.

Now speaking for my self , I will probably retire to the homestead , to endure the harsher part of the winter ahead. I know that I will probably go stair crazy and suffer from cabin fever. But, there is a solution to cabin fever and stair crazy! I am not talking about becoming a couch potato or chasing the wife around the house, though that does give food for thought! ;-)

You can only watch so many fishing and hunting shows, before you multiply the effects of cabin fever. I get really bored watching fishing shows when I am stuck in the house and can't fish myself. So let me make a suggestion , that not only gives you something to pass the cold days ahead, but will benefit you more than going crazy!

We can all prepare our boat, rods and reels , and tackle and get ready for SPRING fishing! Yes , we can get ready for spring and at the same time, quite possibly avoid problems when we are able to hit the waterways again. I will briefly go over a few things and maybe you can think of a few to add to your list of things to do.

Tackle- lures and boxes

Inspect all lures and organize your boxes. Check lures for hooks that need replaced or maybe even sharpened. Check for loose bills on crank baits or cracks. Take an inventory of lures and make a list of those that need replaced or maybe even restocked. You may have lost your favorite shad rap or something. Cleaning and inspecting your tackle will take up most of the next cold front coming your way, and will ensure that Mr. Bass doesn't have the advantage over you next time out. Maybe even touch up some paint on some lures that are worn. Wipe out all your boxes and replace the boxes that are no longer good or broken.

Rods and reels

Check each rod and inspect each eye and see if they are loose or have grooves worn in the eyes, If so replace eyes or take them to a rod repair service center. I prefer to replace my own. Check the reel seats and look for cracks or anything that isn't right. Replace any rods that can,t be fixed. Take your reels and clean and lube them real good and respool them with new line. This ensures that you have the advantage over Mr. Bass, and a bad place or old line doesn,t give Mr. Bass the advantage.

Boat and trailer

Your boat and trailer should already be ready for Spring fishing if you did your pre winter maintenance. If not here are just a few pointers on the subject. Make sure lower unit is serviced. Check the fluid level in your power trim and tilt. Check your plug to see if it needs replaced and make sure you have a spare plug. A leaky plug can make a bad day, especially if your bilge isn,t working. You should check that too. Check out your wiring to make sure mice haven,t chewed and damaged the wiring. I know you don,t have any mice in your garage , but check anyways. Your trailer is pretty easy too. Just check out the wiring and bulbs and make sure all lights work.


Last but not least check your cranking and trolling motor batteries for charge and have them check to ensure they are full capacity and have no dead cells. Faulty or weak batteries can ruin if not end your trip rather suddenly if they fail. Also check and replace all fuses and make sure you have several spares.

I am sure there are more things to check and inspect , to ensure that you have a safe, and uneventful outing. Feel free to comment if you have some ideas yourself. I love feed back. And one more thing, if you are really bored and you have all your gear and boat spring ready, go thru my archives here on "Kennys Great Outdoors" and you can fill any idle time you have left over before your next fishing trip. ;-) I am sure you can put some of my tips and articles to good use.

If you have an article or tip you would like to share with me and the readers here, then email me and I will post your article and or photos for all to enjoy. I challenge all the readers here on "Kennys Great Outdoors" to send me a fishing article, photos, fishing humor, I will be glad to post and share. Don,t be shy or stingy. You can send them to > <

So until next time Keep your hooks wet, and get ready for Spring fishing , Which is right around the corner! See ya out there, and I am looking forward to hearing from you, send me all your articles and photos. Oh yeah , remember to enjoy the "Great Outdoors"

Friday, January 9, 2009

2009 @ Kenny's Great Outdoors

Welcome , once again to" Kenny's Great Outdoors" where bass fishing is the main topic , and as far as I am concerned the only worthy topic here on "Kenny's Great Outdoors. "

Now, some of you have probably noticed , I have taken an unannounced leave of absense from this blog since about mid December. Have had too much going on here to sit down and blog here lately. I have been sick, fishing, gigging, deer hunting , bow hunting, trapping, wood cutting, getting thru christmas, and then the new years. By the way "Happy New Year" and hope you all are getting by during these economic times of the bad recession our country is experiencing. But anyways, I am back to work , and I hope to be getting back into a routine with my blog work.

I am making plans on some changes, and am open to all and or any suggestions on changes being made here on the blog. I am not going to tell all as of yet but there are some definite changes in the works here. If you have a suggestion or two to help better or improve this outdoor blog send them to me by email or by comment on the blog.

I had a round with the flu, and I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. It really sucked. My shoulder , with all these darned ole cold fronts has been giving me a fit, making it hard to fish or work. Somehow I seemed to have managed it anyways , and believe me , I pay for it dearly. I am so tired of taking pain pills. I can't , but will, wait till spring arrives. I just wanted you all to know , that I am still alive and kicking.

Oh yeah, I just wanted to clear something up here. The last post I made is not a letter from MY wife, it was a funny sent to me by a friend of mine and was misinterpreted by a few people. I am happily married and I don't have or plan to have any girlfriends. When I tell the wifey , that I am going fishing I am going fishing. She laughed at one of the comments on that post. I guess I should have made it clear that it was supposed to be a joke. My bad. I may be getting old, but I haven't lost my mind or my wife , YET!

So I guess that's all for now. I will be posting more regularly now that everything has settled down. Just keep on checking in or you can subscribe by email or subscribe however you like and you will be getting updates without having to come here. However, I do like you regular visitation of my blog and I also like your comments and feedback! So until next time, keep your hooks wet, ( not frozen) and enjoy the "Great Outdoors" See ya out there!