Monday, January 19, 2009

Winter Bass Fishing On The Gasconade River

Just got back from an all day float on the Gasconade river! The temperatures were in the upper 50s today and the sun was shining most of the time , too. The bass fishing wasn't as good as the weather, though. We tried several lures and the only thing they was biting was the pig n jig! Black or brown was pretty equal as we only caught 8 bass between us.

Jerry caught 4 keepers on the brown jig n pig, and I caught 4 keepers on the black jig n pig. The fish were between 3 and 4 1/2 lbs. Now, that's not bad for winter fishing. Don't get me wrong I have spent worse days on the rivers and lakes , but fishing was slow. We started this morning about 7 am and took out about 5 pm. Ten hours of fishing and only 8 keepers. There was about 6 that was undersized.

Though we could have done worse than we did , I guess we shouldn't complain, but you know how it is , We were complaining anyway. Jerry caught a nice small mouth , that turned out the biggest for the day, at about 4 1/2 lbs. Man do those small mouth bass fight and run, even in the winter. Jerry quit complaining after that and so I followed suit.

Now 50ish temperature is warmer than what we have been having around here, but it is still chilly , especially when you're on the water! We had plenty of coffee and also had plenty to eat. We didn't eat until about 3pm because Jerry thought we would fish better on an empty stomach! ;-) I tend to agree with him.

We also saw about 13 deer, and who knows how many turkeys, and we even saw some wild hogs! The wild hogs were standing on a gravel bar, watching us, until they figured out what we was and then they split after running at us some. Pretty scary , but no harm done. We also watched a squirrel in a sycamore tree hanging over the water! He was doing just fine, not bothering anybody,when a limb that he jumped on broke and into the drink he went. We laughed and the squirrel didn't think it was funny at all!

You don't always have to catch a ton of fish to have a good time and enjoy the "Great Outdoors!" So until next time, keep your hooks wet, and we hope to see ya out there! Boat Safely!

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