Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spring Bass Fishing - For Old Iron Jaws!

I have been asked time and time again, "what tactics can lead to a big wall hanging Lunker!" Well, that's not a real easy question to answer, as sometimes it is hard to catch even a regular bass! I don't know of anyone , that has a secret formula or a specific formula, as math and bass fishing don't even belong on the same page! HA! I do think however, that I can give you a few tips that will make you a better candidate for a LUNKER BASS!

One way is to make sure you fish in the "Spring!" Typically February through May , you want to fish a lot and hard and thoroughly. I tend to throw BIG crank baits, or jerk baits, because it makes a bigger meal for Mr Bass or at least so we hope him to think for at least a second or so! With the prespawn thing happening in the water, Mr. Bass might be preoccupied or distracted for some strange reason.

As the water warms up to around 60 degrees the females (The big Ones!) move up to shallow staging areas. As the water temperature rises up to somewhere between 60 and 65 they move on up to shallower gravel bars , of flats. I have found that during these times of staging, right up to the spawn is a spectacular time to catch a huge bass! I throw a zara spook or a jerk bait or even a spinner works well ! Maybe a shad looking crank bait.

Be extremely careful if you catch a big female because she is full of eggs and should be released asap, without harm. Measure her girth and length and photograph her and you can get a nice mount from the measurements and photos.

You want to use a good rod and a good strong reel and fish hard and diligently, You will have real success and maybe even catch that big "wall hanger" you have only dreamed of! If you pursue him with consistency and patience , sooner than later hopefully, you will catch one for the lunker board!

The bottom line is When the prespawn and the staging is going on, and the Dogwood" is in full bloom It is time to be fishing hard and often. Some say there is a certain amount of luck needed to score the big one , buy I say skill and perseverance, along with a little luck is a necessity for success. When a bass is preoccupied with the spawn then he or she might be a little more vulnerable making your day a lot brighter!

I know there are a lot more tips about how to catch Mr or Mrs Lunker Bass, But if you will follow these basic, simple strategies then you will have a little LUCK or maybe even a little FATE on your side!

So until next time, keep your hooks wet , and we hope to see ya out there , this Spring , Good Luck and boat safe!

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