Friday, January 9, 2009

2009 @ Kenny's Great Outdoors

Welcome , once again to" Kenny's Great Outdoors" where bass fishing is the main topic , and as far as I am concerned the only worthy topic here on "Kenny's Great Outdoors. "

Now, some of you have probably noticed , I have taken an unannounced leave of absense from this blog since about mid December. Have had too much going on here to sit down and blog here lately. I have been sick, fishing, gigging, deer hunting , bow hunting, trapping, wood cutting, getting thru christmas, and then the new years. By the way "Happy New Year" and hope you all are getting by during these economic times of the bad recession our country is experiencing. But anyways, I am back to work , and I hope to be getting back into a routine with my blog work.

I am making plans on some changes, and am open to all and or any suggestions on changes being made here on the blog. I am not going to tell all as of yet but there are some definite changes in the works here. If you have a suggestion or two to help better or improve this outdoor blog send them to me by email or by comment on the blog.

I had a round with the flu, and I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. It really sucked. My shoulder , with all these darned ole cold fronts has been giving me a fit, making it hard to fish or work. Somehow I seemed to have managed it anyways , and believe me , I pay for it dearly. I am so tired of taking pain pills. I can't , but will, wait till spring arrives. I just wanted you all to know , that I am still alive and kicking.

Oh yeah, I just wanted to clear something up here. The last post I made is not a letter from MY wife, it was a funny sent to me by a friend of mine and was misinterpreted by a few people. I am happily married and I don't have or plan to have any girlfriends. When I tell the wifey , that I am going fishing I am going fishing. She laughed at one of the comments on that post. I guess I should have made it clear that it was supposed to be a joke. My bad. I may be getting old, but I haven't lost my mind or my wife , YET!

So I guess that's all for now. I will be posting more regularly now that everything has settled down. Just keep on checking in or you can subscribe by email or subscribe however you like and you will be getting updates without having to come here. However, I do like you regular visitation of my blog and I also like your comments and feedback! So until next time, keep your hooks wet, ( not frozen) and enjoy the "Great Outdoors" See ya out there!


Anonymous said...

Take a kid fishing or hunting in 2009.

Tom Sorenson said...

I'm afraid any hooks around these parts will be frozen pretty quickly if I were to go fishing. Although the steelhead bite should be going pretty strong - I need to go get that done.

Kenny Breckenridge said...

Tom , good to hear from you, thanks for the comment. Pretty cold here too! Steelhead ? You aren't fishing yet? And here I thought you was a tough guy. Just kidding, you had better dress warm, have fun! Share a fishing post and pics with us if you don't mind!

Eric said...

Kenny, I have just stumbled onto your site and really enjoy it!! I am an avid bass angler and also fish the Gasconade River exclusively. I really enjoy reading your comments as i am always looking for info related to fishing rivers as opposed to lakes, which is often times all people talk about!! It is nice to find a fellow Gasconade River Rat!! I love reading how others have caught fish so I can adapt their techniques!! Got cabin fever pretty bad so I can't wait to get out there this spring. In the meantime I'll be reading your site!!