Thursday, January 15, 2009

Finding The Right Combination , Can Sometimes Be Tricky !

Welcome back to "Kenny's Great Outdoors! If this is your first time here, then be sure to check out the archives for a lot of tips, and articles. Feel free to post a comment on any article or about the site or whatever. Just make your self at home and enjoy yourself!

The main subject of discussion is of course "bass fishin" Excuse the spellin for I am just an old country boy at heart! BASS fishing has become one of the fastest growing pastimes in America. I know I love to catch bass and I am very obsessed with figuring out what they are on and what is the pattern.

This past Monday, I went fishing over here at the river and had a pretty productive day. Caught a couple of 3 pounders before noon and had thrown everything I could think of. We also caught some smaller non keepers. I had thrown a jig n pig, a few crank baits and even a spinner bait. It was either wrong lures or the wrong time or something. The bite just wasn't there!

I threw a texas rigged worm of several different colors and about middle afternoon, around 3, I put on a 10 inch blue worm. The water was pretty clear and blue usually works for me in clear water, so I figured what the heck, Turned out to be the "ticket" By the time we had floated down to the truck, I had 5 bass in the live well! The smallest being about 3 pounds and the others were between 4 and 6 lbs. My friend Rick caught five , his were between 3 and 4 pounds , which makes a great fishing adventure, for the day.

The point I am trying to make, is that you might throw a lure, 4 or 5 different colors, and catch nothing. Then you try the 6th color, in this case blue, and tear them UP! This is why I say "don't be afraid to experiment" I had a friend that tried a rat l trap all day, and hadn't had a bite, he tried every color he had. I started fishing a chrome black backed rat l trap and he started laughing at me! I asked him if he tried the color combo that I was using and he said "NO" I caught 10 bass in about 45 minutes , with the smallest one weigh about 5 pounds! He ate crow for the rest of the day!

Sometimes It doesn't matter, and then sometimes "it does"
That's why they call it "bass fishing!" Some fish, and some, CATCH!
Well, it has been "mighty" , and it has been "fun" I guess you could say it has been "mighty fun!" So until next time, keep your hooks wet and boat safely! See ya out there! Enjoy the "Great Outdoors!" ;-))


Mel said...

Kenny - Your post rings very true no matter what fish species your chasing. Those sound like some great bass for this time of the year. Continued happy hook-ups my friend.

Basspastor said...

Kenny- I just found your blog thanks to your listing in Top 100 Bass Sites. I have a bass fishing blog called Bass Pundit. I don't know what your secret is to getting so much traffic directed to your site, but whatever it is, it's working.

Kenny Breckenridge said...

There is no secret. Generating traffic to any site is full time work. I utilize every resource that I can find and then some. Free ads , traffic exchanges and whatever else I can find. Linking to popular high traffic sites is easy enough to do also.