Thursday, August 28, 2008

Humor In Feathers? Or Turkey Trooper

What started off to be a routine traffic stop, turns out to be an embarrassing moment and trial for a State Trooper . I found this on another site and had to share this with YOU my readers. The next time you go turkey hunting , you had better take along your gun for your own protection and maybe survival? Even though this video is funny , sometimes nature can reveal itself in an array of colors . My advice is , like this state trooper , respect nature and always be cautious with wildlife encounters. You really never know when wildlife will react in a manner of humor or maybe even in a manner of danger. Watch this short video and enjoy the oh so subtle , unexpected , behavior of our wildlife.

Until next time, enjoy the sometimes not so safe "Great Outdoors" And the next time you turkey hunt make sure you are not the hunted, but the hunter! ;-))

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fall Fishing With The Jig n Pig! Awesome!

I recently posted an article on the Pig n Jig. It seems that it was a very popular article and a lot of people ended up here at "Kenny's Great Outdoors" interested in reading and/or learning about this old standby lure. As I stated in that article I would post a more detailed article later on. Well here we go again!

Yes, it is that time of the year that is, without a doubt, my favorite time of the year to chase those big football size bass. Yes, its football season again and for some fisherman, time to sit on the couch and become a couch potato. For some , it is the time to prowl the lakes and streams for the elusive " Lunker Large mouth Bass!" Some are bow hunting and some are quail and pheasant hunting , because fall brings on the hunting seasons.

If more anglers would put down their bows and guns , just for a few days , they would probably find that bass fishing is at its best and may even catch that lunker of a life time!

Fall can be a great time to catch large numbers of bass. It is the time of year bass gorge on food getting ready for winter. It's time to go fishing! Finally, a break from a long, hot and dry summer has arrived. We humans are certainly glad to see the temperatures fall and receive a little bit of much needed rainfall. During this time of the season, bass from all parts of the lake will start to take up residence in the shallow flats of the lakes to get ready for the upcoming winter.

It has been said many times that the fall season is big bass time and simply put I would have to agree. Fall is the first time since the spring spawn that you will see big bass in the shallows as they move in from their summer deep water homes. The reason they are here is also a simple fact and that is to feed and get ready for the winter.

If I were forced to pick just one bait that shines during the fall months year after year it would have to be the jig and pig! Not to say I don't use other lures. I usually start of with crank baits or a rattle trap to locate the fish first! Then I tie on the old stand by the "Jig n Pig"

Perhaps the least fished, last fished bass bait, the jig 'n' pig deserves a higher regards- not only as the unchallenged choice for catching big bass, but also as the bait of choice under the toughest bass fishing conditions! The funny thing is a lot of my fishing buddies don't even have one in there tackle boxes! ;-)) If you don"t have any pigs n jigs in your tackle box or you simply don't use them , THEN START! The Pig n Jig is damn near the only lure my dad uses! He never comes home skunked , spring, summer, fall , and winter .

There are literally hundreds of varieties of jigs, and trailers, so you decide what works best for you. There are also many techniques for using this combo.

Here are a few;

1 short slow hops

2 raising rod tip 2-6 inches and then let it set

3 fast swimming while twitching or jigging it for shallow or suspended bass

4 the yo-yo method

The yo-yo method is what I use when I am fishing in structures , such as brushpiles, lets say when you are hung in a brush pile , yo yo the jig n pig and hang on.

Because it sinks slowly, is presented repeatedly at pinpoint locations, and hangs in the strike zone for a longer period of time, bass are far more likely to perceive the bait as a food item or as an intruder that must be eliminated. Even when the jig 'n' pig is not immediately taken, the other sensory qualities of this bait can often entice fish into more closely inspecting, then accepting it as food. The sensory appeal of pork chunks is unequalled by other trailers - they "swim" naturally, smell good, have the feel of live bait and apparently taste good too. Fished on a rattling jig, the appeal of this lure is enhanced further. Available in a wide range of colours and sizes, the jig 'n' pig combo is everything that a bass bait should be!

The best advice I can give you when it comes to trailers is experiment and let the bass tell you what they want. Change trailers until you get the bites, let the bass be the judge. I don't know why it is, but bass seem to have a preference for pork in the cold months and plastic in the warmer months. Spring-use pork trailers Summer-use plastic Fall-use pork, as a general rule of course. Pork trailers can be next to impossible to put on or remove from a hook, but at the right time they are well worth the hassle. In my opinion, "Uncle Josh" is the one and only brand of pork trailer you need to buy.

Detecting pickups, especially on slack line, is the art of jiggin' and piggin'. Line watching is a must and hi-visibility lines are preferred. At times, when a bass picks up the bait, the line will fairly "jump". More often, however, only a slight twitch, a slow sideways movement or a circular "stirring" motion signals a take.

"Feel" is also essential in detecting pickups. A single "tap" on the line, a feeling of weightless, a spongy sensation detected as the rod tip is lifted and / or the scrubbing of line across weeds or branches signal that a bass has the bait. No matter what is seen or felt, set the hook - fast and forcefully to compensate for the hook guard feature on the jig and to get bass moving up and out of cover.

I have said this time and time again," DON'T BE AFRAID TO EXPERIMENT!"

The game plan is to follow either a creek or contour line from shallower to deeper water until I find the holding depth of bass for that particular day. Once this has been achieved, you can begin to find matching areas on the lake and they will also produce.

September through November on MOST lakes and other impoundments with good shad populations consistently produce some of the fastest action of the year.

I typically focus on the shallows early and late each day and stay shallow all day if the weather is breezy and/or cloudy. Bass key on shad in the fall and they'll follow these baitfish all the way to the very backs of creeks. Typically, if you find areas with a lot of baitfish, the bass will be nearby. Bass move daily following the concentrations of shad and fish, so your best fishing areas will change regularly throughout the fall.

Many of these summertime lunkers that live in the depths will be make their first appearances in the shallows since the spawn, do not let this big bass opportunity pass, football season is here!

Another tip: Watch for birds. If bass are pushing baitfish to the surface, our feathered friends will find them -- fast! Get ready for some awesome bass action! I'll say it again: Just one day this fall, put down the shotgun and grab the fiberglass for fall bass. They've got a whole growing season behind them, and they're super hungry and more than eager to cooperate during these days of plenty. Fish 'em! You'll be glad you did!

So until next time , Keep your hooks wet, and boat safely. Practice catch and release, and enjoy the "Great Outdoors!"

A Formal Apology To My Readers!

Hello, and welcome once again to "Kenny's Great Outdoors!" I recently made a discovery that startled me and left me feeling a little bit of remorse or guilty as I must confess.

I have been thinking a lot about "Kenny's Great Outdoors" I really enjoy sharing with YOU , my readers, my stories and tips on Bass fishing. I realized that those of you that end up here are not only looking for fishing tips and stories, but your also looking for stuff that truly puts fish in the livewell.

Now I can bore you to death on details, any day of the week, but that's not what is truly important. What I have come to realize is, that you the readers, need to be able to trust what you read on this blog. Now to the best of my knowledge , that has been accomplished here on "Kenny's Great Outdoors" with one exception , which I will get to in just a moment , but first, I need to clarify a few things.

If a person is to be trustworthy , and honest , he has to make sure to research any advice that he gives before he gives it! Right? When
a person gives tips and advice it should be not only good and accurate, but should always be withing the legal limits of the law.

NOW it is confession time: :-((

Back in May , you may recall an article I posted , Juggin for catfish- ever tried wd- 40. I heard about this many years ago. I tried wd-40 a couple of years ago on hot dogs and little smokies and It DID truly work.

Now knowing that people value truth and integrity and will literally try anything that will give them an edge, when they are fishing, I need to straighten out this mess that I have gotten myself into.

WD-40 while in fact does work on catfish and many other species, is illegal to use in Missouri lakes and streams , as I have recently discovered. Now I could shrug my shoulders and say "Oh well" , but that's not the mature and responsible thing to do or say. Here is the link to the site where I found out that this was not Legal in Missouri waterways and lakes.

Now at the time I made this comment and posted it I did not realize or even think for one moment about the legalities of this post. So I want to clear this up once and for all . In Missouri this is illegal. I don't know about the other states so check with your state conservation department and make sure. If it is legal consider this , It is petroleum based, and my personal feeling is this , We should do our part to protect and conserve our outdoors. It is not just an option , It is a RESPONSIBILITY to our fish and wildlife, and not only that but to the next generations Of Outdoor enthusiasts like ourselves.

I will admit that I didn't know , but IGNORANCE is no excuse, bottom line. So I am going to give you all a formal apology and assurance that it will not happen again .

I AM Very, Very , SORRY !

NOW I feel better and have cleared my guilty feeling. SHEW, What a relief. It feels like a heavy load has been lifted. I take this stuff seriously , because I want to be around for awhile and I don't want people thinking I don't care. When it comes to the outdoors and its future , I truly care.

So please , don't use wd-40 for fishing, seriously its not worth a few more fish . To contribute to the destruction of our habitat is not what I am about. I am about helping people to get the most out of their outdoor activities, and protecting the rivers and streams and outdoors from pollution, and destruction. So I hope you all forgive me of my ignorance and haste.

Until next time, ;-)) Keep your hooks wet , and enjoy the "Great Outdoors" Love you guys and gals. Practice catch and release. And be knowledgeable of the laws in your state pertaining to the outdoors and its resources.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bass Fishing At Its Best!

A man was on the water for his weekly fishing trip. He began his day with an 8-pound bass on the first cast and a 7-pounder on the second. On the third cast he had just caught his first ever bass over 11 pounds when his cell phone rang.

It was a doctor notifying him that his wife had just been in a terrible accident and was in critical condition and in the ICU. The man told the doctor to inform his wife where he was, and that he'd be there as soon as possible. As he hung up he realized he was leaving what was shaping up to be his best day ever on the water.

He decided to get in a couple of more casts before heading to the hospital. He ended up fishing the rest of the morning, finishing his trip with a stringer like he'd never seen, with 3 bass over 10 pounds. He was jubilant.

Then he remembered his wife. Feeling guilty, he dashed to the hospital. He saw the doctor in the corridor and asked about his wife's condition.

The doctor glared at him and shouted, "You went ahead and finished your fishing trip didn't you! I hope you're proud of yourself! While you were out for the past four hours enjoying yourself on the pond, your wife has been anguishing in the ICU! It's just as well you went ahead and finished, because it will be more than likely the last fishing trip you ever take! For the rest of her life she will require 'round the clock care. And you'll be her care giver forever!"

The man was feeling so guilty he broke down and sobbed.

The doctor then chuckled and said, "I'm just pulling your leg. She's dead. What'd you catch?"

Friday, August 8, 2008

Fall Fishing - Quite Possibly The Best Fishing -Ahead!

Welcome once again to Kenny's Great Outdoors! It has been a couple of weeks since my last post, because of personal reasons. I have been dealing with a rotator cuff injury, which has been extremely painful and a very slow recovery process. Will probably not be a 100% till spring. I really don't know how I managed the injury, but I really did a number on my shoulder.

We are smack dab in the middle of the "dog days of summer" A really bad group of words for the bass fisherman. Even though its a tough bite for most fisherman, the bass can be boated. Just requires a little more finesse and know how. And when October comes around the fishing gets a whole lot better.

Fall fishing is my favorite time of the year for bass fishing. Even though it gets easier, you still have to use that "thing" between your ears and again , a lot of know how.

The days start getting shorter and the temperatures are lower during the day and night , and the bass, which we are in hot pursuit for, are noticing these differences and are moving to shallow water. I guess the question is "why"? The bass" food source" is moving to shallow water! The bass have a tendency to follow for some reason or another! ; - )

Now that the temperatures and rains start falling the oxygen level of the lake increases and the bass become more active with winter approaching. This is where we get the fall pre-winter feeding frenzy, that if you get lucky or smart enough to encounter! This makes fall bass fishing one of the most exciting times to be out there! If you are lucky or smart enough to figure it out and time it right , you will never forget the experience and you will start planning for that fall adventure again and again.

What works for me is Spring strategies in reverse for fall fishing. In other words, where I fish for bass in the spring , is where I start looking in the fall. I start off heading up the big creeks and streams running into the lake and then of course locating the shad. The bass are usually relatively close to the food source.

Lure selection is relatively simple, but can vary from day to day. For me the crank bait is the first choice. It doesn't take long to figure out whether its the right choice or not. Bouncing a crankbait off of the bottom or the rocks and brush will get the attention of any bass in the area, but be sure to hang on to that favorite rig of yours as the bass are aggressive and a big bass might just yank that rod and real out of your hands. Not COOL! Or cheap to replace I might add.

I am not going to list ALL the lures, because this is the time of the year that a Bass will hit about anything you throw. While smaller lures will catch a lot of bass , bigger lures will generally catch bigger bass.

Buzz baits, top water lures, lipless crankbaits , crank baits of any running depth, spinners, jig and pigs, and one of my favorites, the rattle trap. More than once I have tied on a rattle trap and have had very good success. So if you have fished for bass at all the fall can be very rewarding and also very productive .

As I have said before , don"t be afraid to experiment with lure selection and colors, because it varies from day to day. By summers end bass have seen a numerous amount of lures and the new or unusual one might just be the ticket to a successful day on the water . So for the rest of the" dog days of summer " Keep in the back of your mind that the best is yet to come. Fall fishing is not small fishing . It is fishing at its finest and bestest! ; - ) Find that one in your dictionary! Ha!

So until next time , keep your hooks wet and boat safely, practice catch and release and if you catch too many, drop by my house and we will have a fish fry! Like the old commercial on Jello. There's always room for FISH ! See ya out there!