Thursday, August 28, 2008

Humor In Feathers? Or Turkey Trooper

What started off to be a routine traffic stop, turns out to be an embarrassing moment and trial for a State Trooper . I found this on another site and had to share this with YOU my readers. The next time you go turkey hunting , you had better take along your gun for your own protection and maybe survival? Even though this video is funny , sometimes nature can reveal itself in an array of colors . My advice is , like this state trooper , respect nature and always be cautious with wildlife encounters. You really never know when wildlife will react in a manner of humor or maybe even in a manner of danger. Watch this short video and enjoy the oh so subtle , unexpected , behavior of our wildlife.

Until next time, enjoy the sometimes not so safe "Great Outdoors" And the next time you turkey hunt make sure you are not the hunted, but the hunter! ;-))

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