Monday, January 12, 2009


We are going to be talking today about one of the most productive topwater lures on the market today. Some might disagree with that statement but , everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is my own opinion. With spring right around the corner and the spawn is soon to happen, Bass fishing , is fixing to get red hot, and I do mean red hot!

While there is several good topwater lures on the market today, the "Zara Spook" has been around and proven itself time and time again! Even though it is probably one of the hardest lures to learn how to use, it is definitely worth the trouble to master this time proven Big Bass Catcher.

At first glance its one of those lures that doesn't look like much of anything, but under the right circumstances , will fill your livewell in a hurry. It comes in many sizes and colors, and there are a lot of other lure companies , copying this lure in some form or another. While they are all probably effective , they simply can not duplicate what the Zara Spook can do.

The technique used with the Spook is commonly referred to as "WALKING THE DOG" and to be quite honest with you is not easy to learn and will take lots of practise to master, But again, well worth the effort. Many times I have caught my limit of big bass in 15 or 20 minutes in the right place. When a big large mouth bass busts this lure it can get the blood flowing rather quickly and can be the most exciting fishing you have ever experienced. I truly love the top water bite.

I will do my best to explain how to " walk the dog" with the Zara Spook, that works for me and if you practise this method you will be walking the dog in no time!

When tying on a spook you should use either a loop knot or a snap.Remember, the the spook must be worked on a slack line. Point the rod tip at the water, raise the tip about 12 inches then snap it down with your wrist. The lure should swing to one side. Raise the rod tip and snap it again. This will cause the lure to go to the other side. The more slack in the line, the further the lure will move to the side. It is not necessary to move the rod tip from side to side, just snap it straight down, the loop knot or snap allows the lure to swing freely. It isn't necessary to move the rod tip from side to side, just snap it straight down. Reel handle slow enough to keep the slack in the line, yet fast enough to keep the lure moving. The only tip I have for this is PRACTISE!

I find the Zara will draw strikes any time of year the water temps are 55 and up. As far as time of day, I have my best success in low light conditions. If it's overcast, strike can come all day long. This isn't a rule however. I have caught fish under bluebird skies in the middle of the day.There are a couple of tips on the Zara Spook that we should keep fresh in our minds. First, you can't sharpen the hooks enough. The strikes you'll get will be vicious. I've hooked fish in just about every part of their body. Second, don't set the hook until you feel the fish. Too often you set the hook at the sight or sound only to have the lure come flying back at you. If you can, resist setting the hook until you feel the fish on. Should he miss, the chances are good you'll get a second strike as soon as you start working the bait again.

If you don't have a spook or know how to walk the dog , then you should buy some and master this technique. Experiment with colors and this technique, and you will be pulling in a lot of Big bass. Some argue that the spook is more effective in the fall , some say spring, but I have caught bass on the Zara Spook all year round.

Hope you learned something about the" Zara Spook" and " walking the dog" and until next time , keep your hooks wet, see ya out there! Enjoy the "Great Outdoors!"

Almost forgot , I am still waiting on some fishing articles and photos! Don't be shy! Here is your shot for braggin rights! ;-))

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