Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bass Fishing Just For Fun ?

Well, its almost that time of the year again , when fishing, whether its bass fishing or crappie fishing or cat fishing or just fishing in general, strongly calls out, the fishermen and women to the "Great Outdoors!" Bass fishing is a great outdoor sport that demands the respect of even the greatest bass fishermen around!

Bass fishing is a combination of outdoor adventure and recreation. Some might say bass fishing is about catching and releasing, and that's ok for some, but some of us love to eat them too! It can be a sport for the serious (pro) or not so serious fishermen! There are tournaments to enter for the more serious fishermen and then there is just plain ole leisure fishing for the not so serious men or women.

Bass fishing has become quite the favorite past time of many Americans! It's not just a man sport anymore! Women and children are taking an active part of fishing all across the globe! Bass fishing does not discriminate against any sex or age of individuals.

There are thousands of TV shows promoting bass fishing, and there are thousands of websites and blogs that educate us and inform us all about these crafty little creatures, some of which , might not be little, but could be classified as " lunkers " to some.

I have heard some say bass fishing is easy, well this is not even close to the truth! There are hundreds of different lures and colors and sizes and shapes. Some catch fishermen and some catch bass!

No matter what kind of fishermen and women and kids you are , there is always a river, creek , or lake that is close by , for your fishing pleasure.

To get started bass fishing you need a rod or two, several baits or lures, a decent reel , and a strong desire to catch fish! Pretty simple! Or is it? As anyone who has been fishing long, can tell you, it can even get down right expensive, if you let it! Some people try to buy ever lure, every color, and before you know it your credit cards are maxed out and your wife is mad and threatening you!

While your fishing , remember to use all of your senses , as there is a lot more going on around you than just fishing! Soak up the scenery , whether it be birds, or animals, or even other people. All of these things add to your fishing experience. Sounds , such as the birds, squirrels barking, maybe even an eagle overhead , screeching loudly! Soak it all in and log it to memory! Ducks swimming, kids playing, all these things go along with fishing.

Even the smells you might experience , such as the smell after a fresh rain, the smell of fish, the smell or aroma of wild flowers. All these things go along with and belong to bass fishing!

So as spring is in the air, and you head out to the lake, or river, remember to enjoy the "Great Outdoors!" Pay attention not only to the bass, but also to nature, sounds, smells and Enjoy, totally the fishing experience, Americas fast growing, outdoor recreational, pastime. See ya out there! Remember to keep your hooks wet and to boat safely!


Tom Sorenson said...

I love your comment about the many varieties of lures - some catch fishermen and some catch fish. That's funny - and oh so true!

Kenny Breckenridge said...

Hey Tom, good to hear from you! How many times has one of your fishing buddies had to show you his latest pretty colored lure. We are easy to catch, while our adversary the bass is not so willing sometimes! Thanks for the comment Tom!