Saturday, January 16, 2010

What Does The Future Hold For Wildlife And The Outdoors?

As the new year begins and progresses, I sit here wondering what the future of the outdoors holds? A very broad subject, and there are many opinions! My opinion is, that if man continues down the present road, on which we ARE on, the future of the outdoors and the wildlife that lives in it have a rather bleak and short future!

The following statement is not my opinion, but I think is an understatement of the true and alarming facts;

Corinne Podger ( wrote that nearly 25% of all mammals face extinction within 30 years. This is due to the destruction of rainforests, wetland and other habitats, the impact of industry and the introduction of alien species from one part of the world to another. The United Nations Environment Programme (Unep) report in 2002 identified more than 11,000 endangered animal and plant species - including more than 1,000 mammals. One in eight bird species is also in danger of extinction, and more than 5,000 different plants.

I believe that here in 2010 that is an understatement!  What can we do, if anything to slow down or stop this devastating future reality!  As man populates and expands our horizons, we slowly cause the devastating fate of the wildlife in the outdoors.

We have to get involved, we as outdoor writers, hunters, fishermen, and those who just enjoy nature and wildlife in the outdoors. The very future of the things we all say we enjoy, depend on the management of our resources, this is true! But there is more to it than recognizing, limits and managing there populations!

What the ANSWER is, I really couldn't summarize in just one blog article, but MAN IS the reason for animal extinctions and animal extinction endangerment! MAN has to be the reason these things slow down and stop if we can determine how to!

We write articles and tell stories of how to catch fish, and kill animals, but what about articles to stop the poisoning and starving of the above said species? If we don't change our ways (mans) then we had better get ready to witness the extinction of many species of animals , etc.. Are we willing to witness this or change our ways?

Will the deer or fish you pursue still be around  for future generations or will they have to visit a zoo or aquarium to see the very animals we all see in their natural environment at present!

While I don't have all the answers, I will do my part to ensure their future! We have to share this planet and its resources! After all, God made all of these things for us and expects us to maintain and protect all he has created!  What is your opinion? Do you really believe that the future of wildlife is endangered or threatened? Do you really believe there is anything we can really do?

Speak up, and get involved! The future of the outdoors, and its wildlife depends on us to come up with the answers and the solutions. Man and wildlife can co-exist together! The  wildlife was put here as a resource to mankind, not to just be killed and eaten but to manage and maintain a healthy population and the habitat that each one of them and ourselves included, have been given! We can't take for granted, that down the present path that whatever we do, wildlife will adapt! We have to quit talking about it and start doing something about it, NOW!

What if anything are you going to do? Can one person change the fate of all animals and the outdoors? No, but there is power in numbers! Get involved! Life without these creatures or the beautiful outdoors, would be humdrum and downright boring! Feel free to comment, and get involved, somehow, somewhere! " Get er Done!" What are you gonna do or presently doing to get involved and change the future of the outdoors and the already endangered species in your area?
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Anonymous said...

Yes, this is a very broad subject indeed and it is obvious that even if there was something to be done it certainly would not happen overnight.
I too am worried about the fate for the outdoors and what lives in it after all we happen to live in it to if you think about it.
It is a shame about what we are doing to this planet and it's inhabitants, it seems everyone forgot the things that actually got us to where we are today Back then life was simplier, evrything and everyone thrived.
Now look, it is down right depressing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kenny, nice piece here. I enjoyed your comments and understand fully where you are coming from. I have noticed that modern day folks here in our country tend to be reactive. Waiting until the dam breaks so to speak before anyone becomes semi-motivated to fix the problem. I try to teach everyday that we, the people of this country, need to be pro-active instead of reactive. Time is short! Let's pray that we can get back to shoulder to shoulder efforts to preserve this great country of ours.

Basspastor said...

#1 I don't buy Anthropic Global Warming Theory. CO2 is good for life, NOT A POLLUTANT.

#2 Climate change is probably happening because climate change is always happening and always has. If anything we should hope the trend line is for warming, because cooling is far more destructive in the short and long run.

I think for the most part the people of my state (MN) and nation (USA) have become good stewards of the environment. What happens in other places is largely up to the people that live there and their governments. I am not the least bit worried about Minnesota or the United States becoming an environmental wasteland.

Shoreman said...

Hey Kenny. All you have to do is tqake a look at the Everglades. When I left Florida in 1963 The
Everglades were still intact. Then it was drain and build, drain and build, drain and build. All of a sudden the wetlands were gone and now it's a scramble to return them to their original state. Rick and Mel are both right, the place is going to hell.

Kenny Breckenridge said...

Thanks guys for all you comments, I know it is a touchy subject for some,but it still needs to be addressed! If we all over look the little things, its those little things, that can become a nightmare in the future! We just need to become "Pro Active" as Mel stated! Once again thanks for the input!

Anonymous said...

Pro active is the key, it has to start somewhere.