Monday, February 2, 2009

Listen.....Spring Is In The Air!

Spring is in the air! Just look around and listen. The days are getting longer now and the weather fluctuates between warm and cold. Certain birds associated with warm weather are starting to show up! Robins and bluebirds are all hopping and flying all around. If you look closely you can see trees, starting to bud, and you can tell that Spring ... is in the air.

With Spring comes warmer weather, birds singing, the sounds of crickets or tree frogs is common. The old whippoorwills start doing their own thing and nature just comes alive around us. The old private fishing hole is not so private now. The smell of barbecue is in the air too! Wow! It's time once again for fishermen of all sizes and shapes to come back to life and start fishing again! Hip hip hooray!

A lot of good weather is ahead and we are just foaming at the bit, so to speak and just can't wait to get back out there in the good old "Great Outdoors!" We have been cooped up,so to speak, and it seems like spring will never get here. But it is in the air , and right around the corner. Anxiously anticipating, Spring, is quite an ordeal for me, because, I love spring!

Fishing is going to be red hot and the weather is going to be beautiful. I love to watch the outdoors come back to life, and everything turns to green and the temperatures are more comfortable and enjoyable.Trees leafing out and flowers blooming and gardens going in once again. Kids fishing and playing , how exciting it is!

Winter is cool and everything but now we want spring to come, and it will come, slowly, majestically, and with uttermost beauty. We will once again, watch nature, at its best. The earth just simply comes alive once again. Get ready for some fantastic "Spring Bass Fishing, in the very near future, it is awesome! I just can't wait , but I guess I will have to! So keep your hooks wet and remember to boat safely. See ya out there soon! I hope you all are as anxious about Spring as I am! Enjoy, the "Great Outdoors!"

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