Friday, February 6, 2009

Are You An Observant Bass Fisherman?

It is a good thing to be an observant person when your on the lake or river. There are many aspects of being a successful fishermen.

Water temperature, water color, cover, depth, and especially the weather! All of these things contribute to determining how to fish, what to fish with or where to fish.

Sometimes the "where to fish" is where we have problems! Anyone fishing in unfamiliar waters has encountered this dilema while trying to catch fish. If you haven't encountered these problems , you haven't fished very much.

When fishing , whether its bass fishing, striper fishing, or whatever it is sometimes hard to find the fish. Even fishing familiar waters can give you a challenge. I have learned to be observant while I am fishing. I try to be aware of the speed I retrieve my lure or the color, the weather , and the water color and temperature, just to name a few.

We should observe the professionals , to determine where to fish. I am not saying call Kevin VanDam and follow him around all day. But that would be fun! What I am saying is this, the birds on the lake are fishing everyday and they know , where the fish are!

Just stop and think about that for a minute. Most of the fish we pursue are predatory fish. They eat crawdads , insects and shad!
Did you get that , SHAD, one of the food sources of all predatory fish. Where you find the big schools of shad , you will find predatory fish close by! Now here is where the Pros (birds) come in. They are always in pursuit of shad when they are hungry!

Where you find Shad you will find gulls, and other fish eating birds.
Where you find Shad you will find predatory fish! So when you are on the lakes be observant of the gulls, etc. When you see them watch and see what they are doing. Are they sunning, or are they eating? If they are eating minnows or shad then it is because there are predatory fish feeding on the shad and crippling or wounding these shad and the gulls are picking up an easy meal.

Now it goes to say if 50 gulls are standing in shallow water just making noise or standing there, then they are not feeding. When you see them diving from way up and splashing into the water they are feeding . This is a pretty good sign , not always, that predatory fish are nearby, causing a feeding frenzy not only of the fish but the gulls too. This is a good way to find a school of stripers, white bass, catfish, or even walleye, and I have gotten into the big large mouth bass many times like this, too!

So the next time you are at the lake, watch the birds, after all who knows more about fishing than the professionals! This is just another way to have the edge when you are out fishing! Whether its familiar or unfamiliar waters, the "birds" know! So until next time, keep your hooks wet and remember to be observant of everthing when you are fishing , Including the birds!

See ya out there, and enjoy.....the "Great Outdoors!" Also. to remember, to boat safely!

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