Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting Your Boat Ready For That Next Trip?

Hello, everyone, and welcome! Wow, after my last 2 or 3 trips to the lake , my boat was a long time over due, organization and deep clean time! As you can see by the picture it was filthy. A lot of snow and rain has the back roads around the lakes, sloppy and muddy at best! I rolled back the cover and opened it up to air out. What a mess! It took me 3 hours of organizing my lure boxes again. I hosed "old blue" and scrubbed the carpeting real good and did a check of everything , battery connections , etc , you know the old going over.

I learned a long time ago preventive maintenance prevents breakdowns, on the water and maybe miles from the truck.
It gets up to 60 something today , 20 tomorrow. So it has been too cold to wash and wax the hull. A good buffing wouldn't hurt either it seems.

My "bass tracker" is definitely not a big expensive luxury bass boat but what the heck it gets the job done. It is exactly what I need for the lakes around here. This boat is 3 yrs old now and runs like it did when it was new, and I figure will last many years to come if I continue to take care of it , like I do! I have to admit , It grew on me! I was thinking about a Nitro , but for about a third of the cost bought the tracker instead. I really wouldn't want to have to part with " old blue " cause I have kinda grown fond of her.

I guess I should keep her cleaner so she looks pretty! But she's just a bass boat , and she's also been the most reliable boat I ever owned! So I guess , I can keep her around for a long while yet. Tomorrow its supposed to start getting warmer again and Wednesday is supposed to be in the 60s maybe. I will give her a good scrub and buffing and get ready for the next big adventure on my agenda!

So until next time , Keep your lines tight and your hooks wet! Boat safely and see ya out there , I hope! And remember, preventative maintenance will help you to have an enjoyable trip , Take the time to check out your boat, between trips, grease your buddy bearings and check your electrical systems, etc. Most of all just enjoy
the "Great Outdoors!"


Dick Loupe said...

It's true that maintaining your boat can be a chore, but also a labor of love. If your add it to your routine maintenance logs, like you have for your cars/trucks, then it will become habit.

As a fishing guide, I generally have to clean up my boats after each trip because it is a pet-peave of mine to always present a clean boat to my clients.

To consider becoming one of my clients go to http://www.bassfishingguide.com or http://wwwbassinthenet.blogspot.com

Capt Dick
Southern Outdoorsman Guide Service

Kenny Breckenridge said...

Welcome aboard Pistolmom and Dick Loupe, thanks for your comments, and for reading my article. I try to keep my rig clean,and organized , and it looks and works a whole lot better for all involved! See ya out there!