Thursday, February 19, 2009

Truman Lake - White Bass Day!

Well , welcome , once again, to "Kenny's Great Outdoors!" Where the fish tales are big and hopefully the fish to go along with them, are big also!

Saturday turned out to be a great day on the Truman Lake! It warmed up into the 60s and was sunny, a little breezy at times but other than that not a bad day to spend on the Lake with my better half! Since it was warm and sunny , she decided to go see if we could catch some "white bass" and have some fun! She always makes it a point to out catch me if she can. I might add that she can and does put it on me pretty good sometimes.

Since she likes to troll we tied on some chartreuse shad raps, and took off for the" pomme" arm of Truman Lake. Somewhere around Sap Landing! :-) We hadn't went very far and She hung into a good white and started grinning! " Better get to catchin" she said. See what I mean? About a 2 1/2 pound white, not bad to start the day. Of course , I netted it for her and explained that she had a good navigator and guide with her , which is why she always out catches me. Right? She knows better!

We trolled till noon and grabbed a bite to eat and some coffee. I decided to try my luck at arrowhead finding, while she stretched and relaxed in the sun. It was obvious she was having the time of her life. we had 15 whites and 3 walleye, so we weren't doing too bad, so far! I found 3 or 4 nice arrowheads and then back to fishing we went!

She gets pretty excited when she catches big fish and she was catching some really nice whites. We just kept trolling those shad raps and they just kept trying to take our lures and poles when they hit. Man , They hit hard and fight good, especially on my ultra light! By 3 o'clock we had caught our limit of 15 apiece, and decided to leave well enough alone and head for the house. 30 whites and didn't even work hard at it at all!

We looked back on the day , we saw a few deer and turkeys. We saw several eagles and truly enjoyed the "Great Outdoors" So until next time , keep your hooks wet and boat safely! See ya out there, I hope! By the way She caught 5 nice walleyes too! What a bonus! I smell a fish fry , soon! Since Saturday , the rivers have all come up and colored the water. We hit it lucky!


Deer Passion said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

Kenny Breckenridge said...

We always have a good time , catch or not. My wife is one of my favorite fishing buddies and I value all the trips to the water with her! Even though she puts it on me pretty good , most of the time. Thanks for the comment and feel free to comment anytime you want!