Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snow And Cold , Slows Down Spring Bass Fishing

The last 2 or 3 weeks the weather has been up and down , cold and hot, 2 to 3 days of warm and then 2 or 3 days of cold again.Winter just doesn't want to let go and surrender to Spring! There has been no fishing for about 4 days and maybe 3 or 4 days until I get to go again. I guess I can wait , it's not like I have a choice or anything.

Just last week the whites were trying to start the run and flooding feeder creeks and rivers were running in muddy and shut them down again. It's all about the weather , and when the weather warms up and stabilizes the fish will begin staging and spawning, thus meaning , is that fishing will turn it on and get very HOT!

Today we have received 6 or 7 inches of snow, here at my house, and its only in the 30s for a couple of days and then a week long warm up. I will be headed for the Lake in the very near future, and I hope the fish cooperate with me.

We anxiously await spring and the nicer weather but this snow does make some pretty neat pictures. The deer and turkey and other wild life is anxiously awaiting nicer weather , too! I saw 2 big gobblers standing by the highway today and they looked huge in this snow. beards dragging in the snow and they didn't seem to mind my stopping and admiring them.

Before you know it Spring will come and the bass fishing will be great! The sun will shine and make us feel good all over and it won't be long till major league baseball will start their regular seasons. Right now they are all in spring training down in Florida and I have to add , that the StL Cardinals are looking tough. We have a healthy Carpenter and Wainwright and they are all around healthier this year.

Anyway, Get ready for Spring is coming soon! The fishing , baseball, and sports of summer are not far behind! So get your tackle ready, boats in shape, and get ready to start your springtime engines, And then LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Until then keep your hooks wet, your lines tight , and boat safely , so that you can enjoy the "Great Outdoors!" Picture down below, now that's what I am Talking about. Sunning in the "Great Outdoors"

See Ya out there soon , I hope!


Anonymous said...

being a florida boy one thing i hate is fishing in the cold. I love my warm weather and i like to fish it that way. In florida when it gets cold the fishing slows down drastically.

Mel said...

Ol' Man Winter has a pretty good hold on the fishing out my way also. Ice fishing is winding down and anglers are beginning to keep an eye out for open water. Anxiety is tough to deal with sometimes.
Take care, my friend.

Kenny Breckenridge said...

I appreciate your comments and I couldn't agree with you , more! That is what so good about nature, it has its own way of doing things. The snow is actually beautiful though and I can look at it for a day or to until it melts!

Jon Dice said...

I can usually handle the cold weather here in TN and go fishing anyway, but this year it has been cold and wet. I don't like wet! Its gradually getting warmer though and the crankbait bite is already picking up. Can't wait for the warm to stay!

Anonymous said...

Kenny, this time of the year is so unpredictable. We are on the front of a noreaster at the moment.

Kenny Breckenridge said...

Thanks Jon and Rick, You are right! Cold is tolerable and when you add rain it makes it tough. Usually this time of year it is warmer and windy. Thanks again for your comments!