Monday, February 9, 2009

Bass Fishing- Sometimes Hot - Sometimes Not!

Welcome to all visitors, guests , and regulars! Last Saturday, I went fishing down at Truman Lake! The weather had been warm for a few days and they were predicting 50s and 60s temperatures and sunny. That was all it took to get Steve and I to go fishing!

Started out early a.m. fishing a few suspending rogues, which I might add was fairly productive but nothing big. I switched over to a wiggle wart , chrome with a black back. Began to catch them 2 and 3 pounders! They tore it up till about 11 and then the bite went cold! Went back to the truck and grabbed some sandwiches and chips, and an ice cold Pepsi. While we were pigging out on grub, we were discussing a new approach.

He tossed a black jig n pig and caught 2 or 3 real quick , again 2 and 3 pounders! I was throwing a Big O and I caught 3 big ones! They were around 5 or 6 pounds and hit that lure like they really wanted it! Only they didn't get what they bargained for except a sore lip and frying pan! Then like an instant replay about 1 they quit biting. Dang! By this time we had 8 nice bass! We fished until 4 and never caught another keeper, we did catch about 12 white bass though! No telling how many of those whites we could have caught. We caught those in trolling about 1 hour back to the truck!

We both agreed that it was an excellent day! We also agreed that it was a little windy, but it still made for a great day in the "Great Outdoors!" So until next time, keep your hooks wet, and boat safe! If you enjoyed this article, please subscribe for later post.

See ya out there, I hope, and maybe we can share a fish tale or two!

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Anonymous said...

wow thats a good amount for keepin. Personally ive never fished jigs to much here in florida because the mass amounts hydrylla and other weeds but i know that in deep sandy or rocky lake they can be real succesful. Maybe the next time i go up north ill have to try one out. Great article.