Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Blog On My Blogroll! Check It Out!

Hello once again, welcome and make yourself at home! Make sure to check out the archives and enjoy the good articles and fishing tips. If you haven't subscribed, then feel free to do so, as it's a good way to keep up to date on the fishing , here at "Kenny's Great Outdoors!"

This article here is a landmark, it is the 100Th article since "Kenny's Great Outdoors" was first started. In April we will mark the first years anniversary . Wow 100 articles! It was a lot of work but for you readers there is a lot of information available in the archives.

I want to take a minute and tell you all about a new blog I found.
Jon's East Tennessee Fishing Blog . You can find the link in my blog roll or you can just click on this blog link. It is a relatively new fishing blog that appears to be a contribution to the Outdoor community. I picked up some good tips on his blog already , so check it out and visit his blog regularly and I am sure you will do the same.

I wanted to get #100 out of the way and I couldn't think of any better way than by sharing this blog with you and I hope you all have read all 100 articles and waiting for more. There will be more of course. I just love all you guys and gals who subscribed , and I love your feed back! So keep it coming!
So until next time, keep your hooks wet and your lines tight! Remember to boat safely, and see ya all out there soon , I hope. Keep it safe! Head on over to Jon's and let him know Kenny sent ya!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the landmark, keep up the good work.

wandering owl said...

Congrats on the 100 posts! I feel lucky I made it to 10! You've got great articles and I'm glad to see the waters are starting warm. We still have ice hanging on in NE Iowa.

drquackers said...

Keep it up!!

Kenny Breckenridge said...

Thanks for the comments, Rick, wandering owl and drquackers. I always appreciate and welcome comments from all. Every one has an opinion and I love to read and hear them. 100 posts may not be that big of a thing , but it is quite an accomplishment to me. It is a lot of work but worth it to see the comments and traffic grow. Love you guys and gals!

Albert A Rasch said...

Congratulations Kenny!

#100 is really a landmark number welcome to the ranks of the Centurions!

It is a big deal! of the millions of blogs out there, few ever reach the 100! You can claim to be one of the few.

Here's to another 100 posts!

Albert A Rasch
The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles
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Southeast Regional OBS Coordinator