Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kenny's Great Outdoors - Well Earned Fish Fry!

After the wonderful day fishing at Truman Lake, we had some fish to fry up , and Come rain or sun or snow , there is no way , we are not going to have a nice fish fry! We worked hard for these fish , Saturday, and earned the right to pig out and have a good fish fry!

I yanked out my "beer batter recipe" and I added all my secret spices that makes the beer batter recipe perfect. If you want to try this beer batter recipe, then please refer back to the article, by clicking on this Beer Batter Recipe Link, try it , I think you will agree , it is awesome!

My wife sliced up some home fries, or better known as potato wedges with their own batter! We sliced up some good red onions, just right sweet and not hot. The wife also made up a batch of some jalapeno hush puppies, and we were set!

I stripped up the bass and white bass fillets, and turned on the cooker and waited for the oil to get to about 360 degrees and then proceeded to start cooking fish, french fries and hush puppies.

By the time we were finished cooking , we were starving of course and by the time we finished eating , well, there was hardly a crumb left! We are all big fish eaters and we pigged out, and then we lay on the couch all afternoon and moaned and groaned , but it was definitely worth the effort. To top off the fish we had some Coke and Pepsi, which always helps to cut the grease or oil, and is always a compliment to the fish fry. What an awesome fish fry!

If I had to say so myself, I did a good job on the cooking end of the day and everyone gave me the thumbs up! That is always nice to know when you are cooking for a lot of people , we had bass, white bass, crappy, and catfish. What a treat!

So until next time, keep your fillets golden brown, and try not to follow me and eat too much. If you follow me you might end up hungry! ;-) See you guys and gals out on the water. If you do happen to catch too many , I am always in the mood for a good fish fry or two, so stop by and I will cook em up for you and will even consider , sharing a few fillets with you also!


Albert A Rasch said...

That looks mighty fine !

Albert A Rasch
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Anonymous said...

Now that sure sounds like it was a good time all around and the fixings looked mighty tasty. It you didn't live so far away I would have considered crashing the fish fry. LOL

wandering owl said...

Looks awesome! I can't wait for a good fish fry with family and freinds. The walleyes are starting to bite here, so hopefully soon!

Wolfy said...

EVERYTHING looks right with that fish fry, Kenny. My mouth was watering from the start, but the mention of the jalepeno hushpuppies put me over the edge!


Kenny Breckenridge said...

Thanks for the comments, guys and gals! If you all lived close by, I would have extended the invite. I love big fish fries and all my friends, are always welcome.

eric.smith23 said...

WOW!! That sounds and looks great! I have not had a good fish fry in a long time, I think I know the second thing I will be doing when I get home.

Extreme Outdoors said...

Just looking at those fillets makes me eager to make some myself!! I haven't caught enough so far this year, but hopefully it won't be long until I get the chance. You can't beat a good beer batter recipe.

Kenny Breckenridge said...

Extreme Outdoors, thanks for the comment and the visit. Your blog takes me back, I think we should all remember where we come from. When I was a youngster, we depended on the outdoors for survival also. If it wasn't for wild game and fish, we would have starved. So I have a certain , connection with your blog, again, thanks for visiting, commenting and following this blog.