Monday, March 9, 2009

Bass Fishing On Bull Shoals Lake Is Heating Up!

Wow! What a weekend, on Bull Shoals Lake, white bass fishing was hot, and in full swing! A friend of mine called me Thursday and wanted to go to Bull Shoals on the 6th and 7th or last Fri and Sat. He heard from a friend , who heard it from a friend, you know that story I am sure!

He had made up his mind , and wasn't taking a "no" for any reason that would work. So reluctantly and having to force myself, I loaded up and We were Bull Shoals Bound!

We spent the day Friday, catching white bass until we wore out at noon. Then we bass fished the afternoon. White rooster tails, and shad raps were the ticket and we had a blast! We caught over a hundred whites and about 8 real good Line side bass in the after noon on the "rogue bait" , they were hitting them hard but were running small! We finally got in to the bigger bass around 3 - 6 lbs.

Saturday was another good day, even though we didn't catch as many big whites , we were still catching them. We caught 2 good walleye and 2 stripers! We caught the large mouth again, in the afternoon 2-4 pm. We caught 11 good keeper large mouths with the big one weighing in at 9.75 lbs!

So I guess you could say that Bull Shoals is hot right now and we're not talking the weather, we're talking, large mouth bass fishing, and RED hot white bass fishing! I think that the white bass fishing will get even better in a week or so if the weather holds up!

The weather here has become spring like and we have had temps of 60 and 70 for the past week. The water temp is between 50 and 55 . As the water temps get to rising the whites and bass are going to REALLY turn them on and It's time to start your engines and get out there.

Keep your hooks wet , and your lines tight! Boat safe and we will see you out there! Be sure to enjoy the "Great Outdoors!"

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kenny -

I am fishing at Bull Shoals for the FLW College Fishing series coming up on March 6. I was wondering if I could contact you privately for tips on Bull Shoals. I am not familiar with the lake at all.