Sunday, March 15, 2009

Basic Lure Inventory , Will Put You On Top Of Your Game Plan!

Here is a general inventory that all bass fishermen should have in their tackle box. Even if you are a novice or an advanced fisherman, it is important to not only have these lures in your inventory, but you should learn how to use each category effectively.

Now, you can start off with the basics or you can go all out and try to buy every size, shape, or color, which to be quite honest will max out your credit cards and probably cause a serious strain on your marriage. This is not a good thing, Because both can cause you incredible debt!

Now I am not listing them in any particular order, so don't read into the list with any preferences or priorities! If you don't have these lures or the skill necessary to catch bass with these lures, then you should begin to acquire the lures and learn how to use them effectively. ASAP!

1. Jig and Pig
Jig and Pig - A jig and pig is one of the best big bass baits available to fishermen. Lots of tournaments are won with a jig and pig because they catch bigger bass. Resembling a crayfish when worked on the bottom, they attract bass looking for an easy meal and bass love crayfish. A very good and reliable, method to catching lots of big bass.

2. Spoons
Spoons - Jigging spoons catch a lot of bass but a weedless spoon with a trailer is an excellent bait in grass and heavy cover. In some cover a weedless spoon works better than any other bait. Also good in a vertical yo yo presentation!

3. Plastic Worms
Plastic Worm - Plastic worms have probably accounted for more bass than any other kind of bait. They are very versatile and can be fished from the top to the bottom. You can get any size needed from tiny three inch worms to monsters over 10 inches long. And the come in all colors of the rainbow - and hundreds more. Rig them Carolina style, Texas style, on a jig head, weightless and any other way you can imagine and they will catch bass. Slow , but very effective lure!

4. Crank baits
Crank bait - Crank baits look like bait fish or crayfish, two of the favorite foods of bass. Crank baits come in all sizes, shapes and colors. They are easy to cast and work in most kinds of water. You can fish fast and cover water to find active bass. Learn to fish a crank bait and it adds to your arsenal of effective lures. Presentation is unlimited, and you can cover lots of ground , good for locating fish!

5. Spinner baits
Spinner bait - Spinner baits catch lots of bass and they are a good bait for covering a lot of water fast to find fish. They tend to catch bigger bass, too. They come in a wide variety of sizes, colors and blade configuration to help match the hatch. They look like bait fish and bass eat a lot of bait fish. You can use several methods of retrieve, such as waking the surface, slow roll, or fish any depth you need to. Very reliable standby lures.

6. Top water Plugs
Top water Plugs - No bass bite is more exciting than what you get with top water lures. The smashing splash of a bass hitting on top will make your heart stop, but even the gentle hit of a big bass sucking a top water plug under as it eats it is thrilling. You can get a lot of colors, sizes and actions in top water baits and you can make them work in a huge number of ways.

Now I am not going to name lures or go into too much detail, except to tell you that these are the basic categories, from top to bottom , so to speak, which means simply that you have all the bases covered. You can spend as little as possible or as much as your financial situation, and spouse, will allow.

You will in time have more lures than you will know what to do with! I usually try to by 5-6 lures a month, and also replace any that I lose, and you will be surprised how many lures you can acquire in a short period of time. This method sure beats going out and buying all your lures at one time!

So until next time keep your hooks wet and your lines tight! See ya all out there , I hope! Good luck , and remember to keep only what you can eat and practise catch and release!

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