Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is The Outdoors, Calling You Out?

It's that time of the year, when everything starts coming to life. Trees are budding, grass and such are starting to green up a little, You know what I mean. The last few days have been warm and the tree frogs are singing, and song birds and other birds of spring, start to show up, and somewhere, deep down inside, a little voice yells " let me out of here!" Yes, that part of you that enjoys getting out in the good ole outdoors, whether its camping, or fishing or hunting, or maybe even a good hike in to the deep woods or something!

It's just that time of year where a lot of outdoor people get out and enjoy their days off, not confined to a dirty old , stale aired, office somewhere! Like they say," a bad day fishing, is better than a good day at work! " I don't remember a bad day a fishing, let alone a good day at work. I just never understood that comment!

A beautiful sunrise on the lake, or a excellent sunset at dark, or a good old campfire outside, these are things that are in us and for whatever reason, draws us to the outdoors, to enjoy all we can!

I just love the smell of a campfire in the outdoors! What is there about a fire? Everyone I ever saw, or spent some time in the outdoors, just loves to build a fire and watch it burn, and it smells so good. You know, where you build a fire, and it gets dark, and the TALL hunting and fishing tales start to flow? I know that never happens at YOUR campfires! Right? That's what I thought!

Just something about being out in the outdoors, kind of , like makes a connection! It just seems natural and you start seeing and enjoying the outdoors for what I believe, was created for all of us, and with each and every one of us , in its own way. Every one seems to see the outdoors, in a different light or something , and when we share the experiences, it just enriches each and every moment with satisfying inner peace.

Sometimes I like a one on one experience , in the outdoors! Just me, the outdoors, and my passion for it , keeps me hungry for the experience when ever I get the opportunity! Sometimes when I am fishing , I lose all of the stress, and just become tranquil , and quiet , just taking in all of the noises and pictures , going on around me.

So enjoy the "Great Outdoors!" I hope to see ya out there soon! Catch a big bunch of fish! Boat safely!


Rick Kratzke said...

It don't get any better than that.

Kenny Breckenridge said...

Agreed , Rick!

Deer Passion said...

Well said.

Marla Collins said...

I am missing it dearly! Winter has been far too long it's about time I camp myself out again. Time to get that hiking boots in the closet again.

Kenny Breckenridge said...


I know the feeling, especially when I have been away from the outdoors for a while!