Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How Do You Determine What Color Lure To Use?

During the past week or so, I have received several emails in regards to " determining what colors of lure to use at any given time!" So I hope today we can help all fishermen and women, learn how to determine, what colors, for what conditions?

There are many factors, in determining color! Here are a few to mull over, and consider!

1 Depth your fishing
2 Water Clarity
3 Sky conditions, color, etc
4 Weather

Fish biologists know, that bass can see colors! They will even tell you that bass probably, see red and green better than a human! A bass can see better than us during the day and a lot better than us at night with no light.

All colors start changing at deeper depths, some becoming invisible, and some becoming more visible. The clarity of the water is a key factor in determining what color lure to use.
The changing conditions of the sky dictate what color you should be using.

Here is a general, rule of thumb!

In general, you'll want to use lighter, brighter colors in clearer water and sunny conditions, and darker lures for darker days and stained water. Now, this is a general rule, but it works pretty darn good!

Everybody has worn sunglasses sometime in their life. Did you ever notice when you wear blue glasses, things look different than they do when you wear glasses with green or yellow lenses? The different colored lenses does the same as , how the water filters the light at different water depths. This is the same way a bass' eye works, to some degree of accuracy!

Accomplished anglers also consider the weather in selecting the most effective lure color. If the sky is dark and cloudy, then choose a color that, once again, presents a prominent silhouette as the bass looks at it from below. Lures in black, brown and purple are an excellent choice for a dark, cloudy day!

For bright sunny days, switch to lighter, more translucent lures that present a subtle silhouette to fish. Baits in shades of white, gray, yellow, silver, smoke or clear are recommended!

So I hope you guys, and gals, learned a, pretty good tip, I might add. Until next time, keep your lines tight and your hooks wet! See ya out there, I hope!


Anonymous said...

This rule of thumb you have posted here is a good general rule. I use this rule of colors , myself, and have great success with it?

Anonymous said...

nice article and a beautiful bass. This rule has always worked for me but sometimes its good to break the rules.