Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Missouri Bass Fishing - Tough Bite!

It has been over a week since I posted anything on "Kenny's Great Outdoors!" It's not due to nothing going on. I have been very busy, but not too busy to fish! I just really haven't had time to post.

Instead of making several posts I will summarize fishing in this post alone. I have been fishing on 3 lakes this past week, and the bite has been tough at best!

Last Wednesday the 25th, I spent 2 days on Lake Norfork , Arkansas. Had a wonderful 2 days of fishing and nice weather.
We spent the first day chasing stripers and ended up with 4 nice stripers about 6-12 lb range , nothing huge but still had fun, also caught 19 whites.

The 2nd day we bass fished but didn't do really well, but can't really complain, we ended up with 12 three to four pounders. The bite was tough, but we managed to catch them on jerk baits and jig n pigs! Normally this time of year we catch 50 or 60 bass, not the case this trip. We only caught 15 bass all day.

Saturday we went to Lake of the Ozarks and did fairly well. A cold front had come in and the rains had the water pretty dirty, although you could find clearer water if you tried. We caught them on " Smithwick Suspending Rogues" and drop shot rigs. The cold front had changed the big bass from spawning mode and we caught several bass over 5 lbs. The rogue bite was very tough, as you had to jerk and twitch the bait, and let it rest for quite a while. Then they would just pick it up and sit there. This is not an uncommon thing during cold fronts or colder water temps.

Most of the bass came on a drop shot rig or a jig n pig rig. The bigger bass did seem to prefer the Jig n Pig. Because of the bite a good sensitive rod and line was a must. They didn't hit and run at all, just picked it up and sat there, sometimes just a twitch of the line was all you noticed. A real tough bite to detect, but still proved to be a successful fishing trip.

This past Monday. we went to Bull shoals again, water conditions where we fished was dirty. With all the rain we have been getting, you could see maybe a foot deep, more like 6 inches! We did manage to catch 18 whites and 6 large mouth bass! We caught these fish on a white deep running bandit, while fishing the banks.

We didn't fish for whites but caught them while plugging for large mouth bass. No telling how many whites we would have caught if we had concentrated on fishing for them.

So there you have it, a week of fishing rounded up in one post. Again, if the weather will stabilize the fishing will get really hot!
All the fish we caught were full of eggs and needing to spawn.

So I hope we see you all out there, and good luck with your fishing trips, wishing you lots of success with your catch. Keep your lines tight and your hooks wet! Remember, boat safely! Oh yeah , one more thing, remember to take a kid fishing! Pass it on!


Extreme Outdoors said...

Congrats on catching a few bass! I agree--more stability with the weather would definitely help the fishing. Central Iowa has had a lot of fluctuation in temperature the past two weeks. It has made the fishing extremely hit or miss.

eric.smith23 said...

You tease me, but I enjoy hearing about it. I can image that the weather there has got the fish all kinds of confused. Good luck on future trips and keep the information coming.

Kenny Breckenridge said...

As long as we learn to read the water and the weather, we should always manage to hit more than we miss! Fish get finicky but they don't quit eating. We just have to keep our confidence level high, and remember that fish eat no matter what. The weather just makes it a lot harder sometimes!

Jon Dice said...

Great job and glad you had fun! Just when I though our weather was stabilizing, we get an arctic blast! Yesterday I was in shorts and flip flops and tomorrow we are supposed to get snow and ice up to a foot in the mountains and couple inches in the valley! That should throw a wrench in things, lol!

Kenny Breckenridge said...


Yes, Friday I was on a 2 day float on the river. Friday 58 degrees, Saturday 43 with 40 mph winds it was like 20 degrees almost froze to death, more on this next post!