Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rainbow Trout At Montauck !

With all the rain and cold weather, the lakes are high and dirty! No lake fishing until it warms up and clears up, which should be soon!
That is if it doesn't rain for awhile!

Went to Montauk, to try my luck at catching some rainbow, this morning and low and behold it was raining and cold! It wasn't raining hard , just a steady drizzle. One thing about them rainbows the rain and cold doesn't seem to bother them too much.

The branch was at a good flow and fairly clear, kind of surprising with all the rain as of late! The horn went off and the bite was on and it took a whole hour for me to catch my 4 rainbows!
I caught 13 fish and kept 4 real nice bows, between 15 and 17 inches long! My friend Jerry went along and he caught 4 bows of which 2 of them made the lunker board! He caught a 5lb bow and a 4.75 bow! Wow he put it on me this time!

That's one thing about trout, they don't seem to mind cold, and wet weather, near as much as I do. It was just a little uncomfortable for about 45 minutes or so and then it warmed up and quit raining, that is when we got in the truck and rolled up the window, and turned on the heat! Boy, that sure felt good!

I was using "Velveeta" cheese and Jerry was using some kind of homemade bait that he makes, seemed to be the trick today! I am going to have to sneak around and find out his recipe. He caught some really nice ones! Some fishing buddy, wouldn't even share his bait with me! I won't forget that for a long time. He knows I will get even, that's part of the game we have!

I love to catch them rainbows on my ultra lite! It is quite a challenge trying to catch a big rainbow on 2lb test! It is even a greater challenge trying to tie on those miniature treble hooks! I can't even see the holes, let alone see to tie the 2 lb test line.

So until next time, keep your lines tight and your hooks wet! See ya out there! Good luck and lots of success on your next trip!

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wandering owl said...

Them are some nice fish!!

Kenny Breckenridge said...

Thanks for the comment, wandering owl! Yes they were good ones and we enjoyed catching and eating too!

Anonymous said...

I like fishing for trout and will be doing it soon. The morning sounds like it worked out for you, that great.

Kenny Breckenridge said...


I usually go trout fishing at Montauck or Bennett Springs a half a dozen times a year. I find it to be a fun way to satisfy the early spring fishing fever I get when I haven't fished, because of the weather!

Wolfy said...

Kenny - I'm not familiar with Montauk (except on Long Island for stripers!) - is that one of the Missouri trout waters like Bennett Springs? I've fished Bennett Springs and Roaring River (I think thats the name). Neat places - sounds like another good day.


Kenny Breckenridge said...

Wolfy, yes Montauck is like Bennett springs, It is between Licking Mo, and Salem Mo. Most of Missouri's trout streams are stocked daily from their own hatcheries. Montauck distributes trout, mainly rainbows and brown trout all through out the united states.