Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hot Day Bass Fishing - Lake of the Ozarks!

Hello, and I hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend! The weather as of late has been colder and lots of rain! But, I did manage to get in a day of fishing last Friday at the Lake of the Ozarks. Travis and I started off looking to get bit by tying on a shad rap and trolling for some whites! This seemed to be the ticket as we quickly ( 45 minutes) caught 16 whites! They were nice sized whites too! Then as if you had flipped a switch they quit biting at all!

So we got out the topo and found a good spot or two and headed out for a long boat ride! It was close to noon and we found our spot and I tied on a Rat L Trap! First cast , boom, a big one was on and running fast! My reel was squealing and I knew I had tied into a big striper! Wow, what a fight, he would let me get him to the boat and then he would strip off line again!

Now about 15 minutes into the battle, my arms are aching and numb, and about exhausted, the big fish came up to the boat, and us with a net ready, he decided this was enough and he dove and took off! I am exhausted and ready to win this battle or else, and he decided enough was enough! I have no clue except maybe he tore the hook out of his mouth, because I noticed that only one treble was in his lip, apparently not good enough! My line went slack! BUMMER! Travis estimated the striper to be about 30 lbs! We got a good look 3 or 4 times!

Well after a few choice words, a cold soda and a sandwich, I decided that I would get" sweet revenge" by assaulting the large mouth bass! I tied on a black backed, chrome, wiggle wart! This is a very popular bait on Lake of the Ozarks! They always produce lots of bass for me!

I made about a dozen casts when I got bit hard! I got the victory on the big large mouth , guessed him to be about 6 lbs, he actually weighed 5.75 lbs! I caught bass pretty regularly and kept five more bass that averaged 2 -3 lbs!

Travis was using a black backed, chrome, rogue and caught 4 fish in the 3 - 4 lb range. Not really a bad day on the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks! Will definitely have to go back to Lake of the Ozarks soon , when the weather breaks and gets warmer! Now in regards to the "big one that got away, there will be another day, today he is the victor! I lost this one but he won't forget Travis and I and he WILL recognize my boat if he sees it again!

So hey everyone , keep your lines tight and your hooks wet! See ya out there!

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eric.smith23 said...

I feel your pain with the one that got away, i have had several over the years. I told my wife about one recently that shook loose during a jump, almost as if it spat the lure back at me, but she never seems to believe me.

wandering owl said...

Sorry about the one that got away! Reminds me of the time my dad lost a northern pike that was about half the length of our flat-bottom when I was a kid fishing Crane Lake in MN. I couldn't get the anchor of a submerged tree and the pike found the rope!

Kenny Breckenridge said...

Eric, and wondering owl,

We can't catch em all, and he was fun to wrestle anyways! As they say, there is more than one fish in the sea! Thanks for the kind comments!

The lake of the Ozarks said...

Did you know that I love fishing too..I would like to try the lake of the ozarks, they said it cool in fishing there..