Sunday, April 19, 2009

Young Outdoorsman - Young Outdoor Blog!

Welcome, once again, to "Kenny's Great Outdoors!" The weather here in Missouri is soppy, sloppy, slushy, muddy, wet, and definitely on the chilly side to boot! The Stl. Cardinals got rained out in Chicago, so today has been a pretty dreary day!

I was catching up on my reading of all my favorite outdoor blogs, and I ran across this really cool site! My day immediately became sunny and bright, even though the sun didn't even come out! My finding this site was what I needed!

As most of you probably know, I am a supporter of "Take A Kid Fishing!" and I strive to influence as many kids as I can, to become the next generation of fishermen and women! Now to get to the point!

Introducing, and highly recommending," Blake Rasch's Strikes, Bites, and Fights! " This young man, is doing his part, to promote, conservation of his and his next generation of outdoors men and women, to become active and and get involved with the preservation of his passion for the outdoors!

Now I am asking you all to do YOUR part and give him the support and mentoring that was given to most of us. Now you know, that I don't recommend or endorse just any old thing that comes along! So check out his site, Link up with him, if you can, and let's all let him know, that we are all behind him, and wish him Great success with his life long dream!

Blake seems to have good influence and mentoring from his parents and he's taking it up and running with it, so to speak! He has a some real cool pics of his success, and some great articles.
I HIGHLY recommend his site to young and old, and I believe he won't disappoint his readers and followers!

So click on the title of this post, the photo emblem , or the links in this article and pay him a
visit ! Tell him Kenny sent you, and Leave some comments! This will help him to learn what
you want to see or read about!

He has the neatest , well organized blog, and I think his blog can ONLY get BETTER!

You can also find his link in my blog roll in the right column! Another youngster joins the ranks, in the "Great Outdoors!" That is the reason I started this blog a year ago today! I want to share my knowledge and experience , to the next generation, so that each generation, learns and " passes it on" to the next generation and all those to follow!

Hope to see ya out there! Good luck , and don't forget......

Go visit "Blake Rasch's Strikes, Bites, and Fights!" I know he will appreciate your visit and comments and it won't be long, he will climb his way to the "top", I know I, will be reading his articles! I have already subscribed and already looking forward to his next post!
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Albert A Rasch said...


Mr Blake is already in bed, so he won't see this until the morning! I appreciate you taking the time to mention his blog. He has, unfortunately been remiss in his attention to it. By extension his mother and I have also been remiss in attending to our duties also.

I will see to it that MR Blake gets his pen and paper together and start posting again!

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Anonymous said...

Like Albert said, thanks Kenny for bringing his blog to our attention. I have already stopped by and checked it out.
I'm always happy to help like others had helped me.

Kenny Breckenridge said...

Albert and Rick, Sometimes, encouragement and Support is all that is necessary! He has a lot of natural talent, both with his fishing and writing. Just knowing people are reading and enjoying, is all we need to continue. I would have given up many times if it wasn't for all my loyal friends, and their comments! We all know how hard and frustrating it can be, to keep plugging away, wondering if what we write is even being read, and it can't be read if you don't have traffic. Thanks for commenting, and your friendship!