Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Truman Bass Fishing - Excellent!

It's been a while since my last post, it's not from the lack of material to post, just a case of "writers block" is all! Seems like I can post a story , but when I sit down to write, a big fat "nothing" so rather than fight it I just hang loose until it comes easy!

Hope you all had a good "memorial weekend" I did, but I didn't do anything but watch the cardinals play baseball. I hate to fight the big 3 day crowds at the lakes and streams. I pretty well fish during the week when most people have to work. So it's really not a necessity to fish, during these high fishing pressure week ends!

Tuesday, I went to "Truman" and had a real successful fishing trip! There was a lot of action on suspending rogue, and we caught 12, 2 - 3 lb large mouth! We probably caught 50 or 60 bass and the 12 we kept were the biggest. We caught no big fish, but we had a blast!

Wednesday we decided to catch the whites , if we could find them! We had noted Tuesday that the whites surfaced in a few locations where we were bass fishing, and decided to give them a try! We trolled most of the morning and did manage to catch 9 nice whites and one 8lb hybrid! We started hitting the flats and humps, late in the afternoon and we caught several big whites on white roadrunners.

We were fishing this long submersed point and the whites started surfacing around us! You know, like pirahnas, boiling the shad, and scared the" *&^%" out of us! We caught 2 nice stripers and 12 nice whites, and then it was over. It is truly amazing at the action during a big school of stripes and hybrids, surfacing, it is a free for all, and you can catch a lot quick, if you're in the right place when it happens!

Fishing is great all over the area lakes, between rises, and muddy conditions, with all the rainfall. We would gladly send some of this rain to other places, as we have had more than enough, and some aren't getting any rain. If you can get out and get to fishing , you will catch fish.

Keep your hooks wet and boat safely, please practice catch and release, only keep what you can clean and eat!
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Capt. Dick said...

I'm glad to find others who take the same attitude as I about fishing weekends. After my Dad retired he started just fishing during the week, stating that the weekends should be reserved for the "poor working man." Those of us lucky enough not to have to work Monday thru Friday have the opportunity to go fish anytime, so why make it more crowded for the weekend warrior. The only time I fish on the weekend is when I have a paid trip. Otherwise, I stay home and watch how "they" do it on TV!

Capt. Dick Loupe
Southern Outdoorsman Guide Service