Friday, May 29, 2009

Oar Fish- Fish Or Chinese Dragon?

I ran across an interesting photo and video on "Oar fish" This is very interesting and down right creepy if you ask me! Just another good reason for me not to swim in the ocean!

You can google search and find interesting stuff on these creatures, or fish is probably the more technical word, I also search it on you tube, there are a lot of videos too!

Do you really have to swim that close to these things to enjoy them? Not me, this is close enough for me!

Hope you all enjoy!

I REALLY do believe they need a bigger boat?!!!

Be sure to watch this short video and you will, like myself, learn something, I am sure!

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Anonymous said...

I will stay on land with creatures that have 4 legs and fur.

hector200 said...

freaky fish, great video.