Monday, May 18, 2009

Norfork Lake, Striper and Bass Fishing Heats Up!

This past week I managed to go to Norfork Lake in Arkansas! I took 2 days away from the storm clean up operations around home. I got the major work done and out of the way, and I hang a sign on the door saying "Gone Fishing!" Norfork Lake bound and ready to just get away from all of the madness for a couple of days

Leo and I spent about a half hour catching shad the first morning and found a big school of shad and what appeared to be big fish below the shad, and we assumed stripers, since other boats were starting to arrive on the scene. We fished it hard and out of 4 boats none was observed catching any fish.

I got the idea to move to another location about 15 minutes away where we had gotten into them about 3 weeks before. We circled around until we found bait fish on our fish finder , again with big fish below, we cast out and was talking about fishing stuff, you know the drill always another big fish tail bigger than it was before, and before you know it we had a fish on, Leo had been bitten and it was peeling off line at ease! Leo was pulling and tugging and the striper was tugging and pulling and Both seemed to be tiring just a bit!

Then as quick as it started his line went slack and it was over, Mr. Striper had won this round. Dang! Of course you know I had to really bust Leo's chops but he would not live this one down, nor would he let me off that easy! This was going to be a fun day and we had to dog each other, just to bring light to the frustration of the big one getting away. We ended up catching 5 real nice stripers weighing between 10 and 14 lbs, not bad for a first days catch!

The next day a cold front moved into the area and it was down right chilly! Wind coming straight from due north was dominating the region, and we caught 6 bass total 3-5 lbs, real nice stringer of bass,considering they weren't too eager to cooperate , what few we caught came on the jig n pig, very light bite or bump should I say. They bit like a sun fish, bump,bump!

We originally started out on the trip just to get away, and do some fishing, and while we didn't set any records, or hurt the fish population we did manage to have fun, and catch some nice bass and stripers! Leo and I are always eager to exchange fish stories and occasionally one of us might successfully pull of a prank, and we just over all,have a blast! Enjoying the "Great Outdoors!"

Until next time boat safely, practice catch and release, and we hope to see ya all out there!
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