Friday, May 29, 2009

Catching Those Summertime - Suspended Bass!

Memorial weekend has come and gone, hopefully, everyone has taken care of that awful disease that all fishermen get in the winter time, "cabin fever!" I call it BASS fever! Hopefully everyone has caught enough bass, white bass , bluegill, walleye, stripers, hybrids, etc to get them through till the next fishing trip!

With spring fishing well under way, and the spawn is nearly over, at least in most of the area lakes around here, of course some are still spawning, but as a whole , we are in post spawn. It won't be long until we are dealing with summertime and those lock jawed bass!

If we can catch them feeding, we can have a successful trip, but this is not always the case. When bass are full of grub, and or the weather has shut off the bite, bass have a tendency to... SUSPEND!

Oh my, sorry for the vulgar language but it's not like we haven't heard this nasty word before. I have a tip or two , that will put those finicky , lock jawed , stubborn, large mouth bass, along with other predatory fish like stripers, etc. into the boat or live well.

Introducing, Berkley's "Power bait Hollow Body" a relatively new Lure but growing in popularity on the pro circuit and hopefully after today, enjoyed by all who fish!

Have you ever been on the lake fishing and no fish can be found , except, suspending fish. When this is the situation it can be down right frustrating and a pain in the #@*! <------- censored!

These soft swim baits can be virtually fished from the surface to the bottom of the drink, which makes it a complete tackle box, all in one lure! You can fish it weedless for thick cover or open hook for open water! While there are many ways to rig this little critter, my favorite, personal preference is rigging it with the hook that comes with it and fish it weedless. Because the bait is hollow and soft hook set is relatively easy and this increases your chances of a higher percentage of hook ups!

Now you can cast this out over suspended fish and count it down until it is right on top of these suspended fish and swim it to the boat and it stays at the desired depth of the fish! You want to use good line, lets say 12 to 15 lb test and a good strong rod as you don't want to break your line on the hook set! You will find that turning these suspended fish on the hook set, will put a lot of shock on your line and reel.

Just be sure to let the fish run with it before you set the hook! I know that this sounds too simple , but try this soft swim bait and then you be the judge , I think you will find that this is the ideal bait for almost all fishing situations, especially handy on suspended fish, but a very versatile, all conditions, all terrain fish bait.

If you don't have these baits then get some and then be sure to USE them as you can't catch fish on them if they are at home or in your tackle box. They have to be fished, to be effective! ;-)

So Until next time, keep your swim baits wet and boat safely! But above all, enjoy the "Great Outdoors!"

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