Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring Time Bass Fishing - Getting Started!

Every Spring, we get ready to go bass fishing and we all start asking " What lures do I use?" or "What color lures?" I have recieved several emails lately asking these very questions!

Spring bass fishing can be either hit or miss, or you can catch them consistently , time and time again. Bass are dependent on food to stay alive so even when the weather doesn't cooperate, bass do, If you know how to find them and give them what they want!

In order to understand how we determine what lure to use, we have to break spring down into four parts, and choose lures accordingly.

Note that this is what I have learned and it works for me! This is just a basic guide to help you prepare yourself for "Spring Bass Fishing!" The weather will effect bass at this time and you need to be flexible with your selection, because not all bass spawn, or stage at the same time! Bass will be in various stages of spawn whether it be pre-spawn, spawn, or post spawn!


. During pre-spawn the bass are staging in the eight- to fifteen-foot area waiting for the shallows to warm. Crankbaits, Texas rigs, jigs, and Carolina rigs work well at this depth.


During the spawn, while bass are on the beds, jerkbaits, floating lizards and worms rigged without weights, spinnerbaits, shallow crankbaits and lipless crankbaits are all good choices.


In post-spawn periods bass move back to the same depth and areas as they were during pre-spawn and the same lures will work.

Late Spring - Pre-Summer

In late spring bass are moving into shore early and back to the first structure change later in the morning. It's about the same as an early summer pattern. Spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and lipless crankbaits are a good choice this time of year along with the other spring baits.

Springtime colors should be shad and crawfish-related whites, white/chartreuse, reds and browns. These are basic lures and colors to get you started in the right direction at minimal cost, and that means a lot.

Hope this helps you in determining lure selection and colors to use during the Spring and don't forget to be different sometimes, this really pays off sometimes and that's what we are after! Not just fishing, but CATCHING!

So try this basic, lure selection and expand your bass fishing adventures, hope you all catch more bass and bigger bass with these tips! Keep your lures wet! See ya out there!

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