Monday, May 4, 2009

Loads Of Rain Keeps Missouri Rivers Muddy!

Missouri, as of late, has been getting a lot of much needed rain!
We have been getting rain almost every day for over a week
now! Now, these rivers are running into our lakes and, well,
you know what that means! Dirty water!

So we have watched the river and lake levels rise up and
down all spring, but we need the water. This has the fishing
and spawning all messed up, this could be good for us when
the water clears up some. Those fish are needing to spawn!

This next picture is "Mason Bridge" decommissioned and
closed due to age and deterioration, the floor of the bridge
was made of oak timbers several yearsago! Notice the water
on bridge girders, it is dropping pretty fast, again!

This is the "Big Piney" river and it is usually clear, it is spring
fed, and you can see the bottom in almost every bit of the
river except really deep water! With "Memorial Day
weekend coming up, you probably should check the rivers
out or contact someone who can check them for you! I will
try to remember to keep you all posted.

So until next time, keep your hooks wet! Good luck to you
and yours!
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Anonymous said...

I would imagine we are going to have the same problem in certain areas this week they are calling for rain almost every day.

Jon Dice said...

We have gotten rain for the last 5 days now. It is much needed and, if nothing else, maybe it will knock down some of this pollen! Allergies are awful! Take care guys

Anonymous said...

Kenny - I am a long way from Missouri, but I can tell you, the conditions out here are about the same on my favorite river. Lot's of rain makes her look like a raging river full of hot chocolate! I think we all need a little rain, though.

The Hunter's Wife said...

We were just in Ky and they kept raising and lowering the water. Everyone was saying it was affecting the spawn.

Kenny Breckenridge said...

Rick, Jon, Mel, the hunters wife,

Yes, it makes the rivers and lakes just about a waste of time to fish,BUT, we do need the rain. It also does effect the spawn, but they will spawn eventually, I guess! Thanks for the comments, guys and gals, your comments are always anticipated and welcome!

Capt Dick Loupe said...

Wish we had some of that rain down here in Central Florida. Many of the lakes are so low that we can't launch our boats. Thank goodness the fishing is still pretty good in the lakes that we can get into.