Thursday, May 14, 2009

Missouri Storms Cause Lots Of Damage!

I need to update my subscribers and readers, to the latest here at "Kenny's Great Outdoors" The last 2 weeks has been busy for Missouri residents! Due to tons of rain and one severe thunderstorm after another, the fishing has been " iffy " at best! Some days you can catch the fire out of the fish, other days, the fish seem to have disappeared.

Rivers are running into the area lakes high and muddy, and then after 2 or 3 days, they run in clear again. I am not saying that you can't catch fish, it just requires more patience and skill, or knowledge of how to fish during these times of water conditions, not only that , but one northern cold front after another seems to give the bass lock jaw.

My Internet comes via satellite and my system got hit by lightning and I have been out of commission since the 6th of May. I have several posts on bass fishing , stripers, whites, and turkey hunting! But simply haven't been able to post articles with out access to the internet! My internet was restored May 13 which was yesterday. Then last night it stormed here again and I lost my internet all night last night.

We have had all kinds of straight wind damage, tornadoes, hail, trees uprooting, from the ground being too wet and all the high winds! They simply are just uprooting and falling over, because of all the high wind conditions , we have been experiencing.

I have managed to fish and hunt during turkey season, between storms and storm cleanup around here. Last week I spent 2 full days clearing out the trees and limbs on local back roads, just to help people get out of their houses and into town. Hundreds of people are removing trees from roads, peoples houses, and we have been without electricity quite a bit here lately.

Anyway, we hopefully will see the weather stabilize and then maybe life can get back to the norm, for all of us here in the mid west. I just wanted to let everyone know , why it has been so quiet here. It has to get better , I hope, even though gas prices have soared from $1.69.9 a gallon to the latest price gouging of $2.18.9 a gallon! I figure it will get even higher by the big "Memorial" weekend!

So stay tuned and check back often, as things WILL return to normal and posts WILL be more frequent again. I love you all and hate it when I can't update with consistency!

So until next time, keep your hooks wet and your lines tight!
Fishing is good , when you can fish, so the fish will cooperate, if you can find them and its not too muddy for them to see you lures and baits! See ya out there!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to say but, Mother Nature is at it again.