Saturday, June 28, 2008

Walleye: Fun To Catch And Very Tastey!

Walleye fishing is both exciting and challenging! As I mainly fish for largemouth bass, I very seldom fish solely for the elusive walleye. I am extremely lucky in catching walleye while I am bass fishing. Sometimes during the hot summer months I will pursue the walleye and I have found that walleye is probably, in my opinion , the best tasting fish I have ever eaten.

Like most predatory fish the walleye has 4 different seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter. Which require different methods and techniques to be a successful walleye fisherman. Since I mainly fish for bass, I don't even claim to know all there is to know about these fish, but I have learned a lot about how to catch these fish from fishing shows and reading fishing articles.

I have found that when you fish for walleye, you have to give them what they want, just like any other type of fishing. In murky waters use bright colors and in clear waters use natural colors. I have the best luck on chartreuse colored lures.

I have better luck catching walleye on cloudy overcast days, or at night. From what I gather walleyes see very well with little or no light, and from what I can gather,from most of my walleye fishing buddies,they fish primarily at night.


There are many methods and techniques that can be experimented with to catch these walleye. I am only gonna list what I know , that works for me. Since I am not a pro walleye fisherman, I am sure that there are many more that I am not aware of . So you can research this and find out more if you like! ; - )

1- live minnows - I have used minnows and it is real effective, especially when there picky and they are not hitting lures.Minnows in combination with jigs are also effective at times.Sometimes they want just plain minnows.

2- crankbaits - this is the method I use the most, and I have found that I am very successful with crankbaits. I have better luck with bright colored crank baits and especially on cloudy days, rain does seem to improve the bite. Experiment with the retrieve like bass fishing , because walleye like different retrieves also. Usually a slow retrieve is best, but sometimes they like it fast, while other times they like the start and stop retrieve.

3- Trolling - sometimes this is a very productive way to catch walleye. Walleye are very aggressive and you can troll at faster speeds, with great results. Walleye seem to have no trouble catching up to, and sometimes prefer the fast moving crankbaits. Try different speeds when you troll.

4- Vertical jigging - Try this method with jigs, spoons, little georges, rattle traps, live minnows, live minnows on a jig, roadrunners , etc.

These are just a few methods I have found to work. I have caught most of my walleye on cloudy, overcast days, with light rain. Shad raps and jointed rapalas are my main lures I turn to and chartreuse is the color I use most.

You may already know this, walleye have teeth! The first time I caught a walleye when my wife was along, she started to lip it like you would a bass and I had to tell her to grab the net. She wasn't aware of walleye having teeth. I had to laugh!

If you have learned anything with this article on walleye, then I am tickled pink. I am not an expert on walleye but I love to catch them and especially eat them. So I hope you picked up something today, and If you have any more tips or techniques , email me with them and I will post them for all of my readers to enjoy. I always appreciate my readers comments and will post them for all to read. I will also answer questions or reply to comments if needed. There are no such thing as dumb questions , so feel free to comment often . Lets establish a blog community and everyone participate at will.

Remember to boat safely, and keep your hooks wet! See you out there, and if you catch more walleye than you can eat , You can share some with me! ;- ) Practice catch and release. Keep what you can eat and turn the rest loose, so they can grow on you!

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Tom Sorenson said...

No question about the walleye's table fare. They make a great meal! We don't have any in our immediate area - but I remember eating them on a few occasion - and each time thinking, "Man, we've gotta get these things planted in some local lakes!"