Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Most Versatile Bait: The Spinner Bait!

Today I am going to spend some time talking about one of my favorite lures, the "spinner bait". This is probably one of the most versatile lures on the market, and the most favorite lure used by fishermen from all walks of life.

The spinner bait is extremely versatile in that , You can fish it effectively at any depth that is necessary to catch them big lunker bass. There are several methods of retrieval ,which can trigger even the most finicky bass on a hard day of fishing. We will discuss the different methods used by successful bass fishermen in an effort to help anyone interested in learning different methods of catching those "Lunker" bass.

1. chunk and wind - This method of retrieval is the most common and easiest to use. This simply means cast it and retrieve it at a normal and steady rate. This method should not be overlooked and usually does the job just fine with great success.

2. Yo-yo or pumping retrieve - simply cast the spinner bait to the target area and as the name implies slowly pump the rod tip up and down as you slowly real , This method at times, produces great success as this arradic motion sometimes triggers the strike usually on the down fall.

3.THe slow roll - this method is used mostly when the bite is deep. You want to stay close to the bottom and bumping the bottom quite often is a very effect retrieve during hot summer days when fish are laying deep.The vibrations of the spinners and the bumping noise can bring a bass in from a great distance.

4 jigging the bait - similiar to the yo-yo but a slight variation. Pitch the bait to the target and let the bait drop to the bottom, lift your rod 2 or 3 times and then let the bait settle to the bottom again.

5. dragging - there are many variations to this manuever, but the main idea is dragging the bottom almost constantly , which causes vibrations, noise, and visual disturbance of the bottom like a crawdad disturbing the bottom with its tail.

6. waking the surface - This retrieve is probably the hardest to learn and perfect. Cast the bait and reel fast enough to make the lure wake the surface actually skimming the surface . This method is very effective when the top water bite is hot and allows the fishermen visual contact and you can actually see the bite.

There are other variations and some of them quite similar to the ones we have discussed here today. But if you can master these six variations you will improve your chances of catching bass with this versatile lure.

The spinner bait comes in many different weights and colors. Some have single spinners , 2 spinners , and three spinners.So stocking your tackle box can be a little costly but well worth your time and money.

If you notice alot of strikes and misses then try adding a trailer hook the the spinner bait and you can also add a grub or a frog to the spinner bait, which sometimes is just the ticket to ensure success at catching those bass. After all that is the whole point behind fishing isn't it?

Because you can vary the retrieve , fish the spinner at any depth,and weights and colors are so plentiful , you will find that the spinner bait truely is the bait of choice for most bass fishermen Mastering this lure and developing confidence in the spinner bait is a real smart way to increase your chances of a lunker of a lifetime.

So I hope this helps you and enables you to be more successful on the water. This has been a basic post on spinner baits and we will go into more depth in future articles , so stay tuned and subscribe to" Kennys Great Outdoors" to stay up to date on the latest methods and tips.

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So until next time , please fish safe, respect others , keep your hooks wet and See ya out there. Good luck! Remember to practice "Catch and Release"

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