Sunday, June 1, 2008

Catching Those Truman Whites?

Well the recent trip to Truman paid off again! The day was a pleasant one , Not so windy and pleasantly warm , We were trolling some and catching them on a "shad rap" The big ones were biting and then we went up some of local fishing honey holes and started catching them on a " suspending rattlin rogue " Now when the whites are hitting these lures they hit em hard. You had better be hanging on to those high dollar rods and reels or you might lose it.

The day went well and so did we and we caught way more than we wanted to clean, so we kept what we wanted to eat and released the rest. Wow! what an exciting day, We got sunburned. Later in the evening we had a big fish fry that was tops! So everyone get out there and enjoy the "great outdoors" Keep your hooks wet. See ya out there!

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