Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Top Water Fishing Is Extremely Exciting!

This is beyond a doubt my favorite method of bass fishing. If you ask most bass fishermen what type of fishing is their favorite, and most will say the top water bite. Having a bass blow up a top water lure will surely get the adrenilin flowing in even the most veteran bass fisherman. Many people say that May and June are the best time of the year for the top water bite.

There are literally hundreds of different topwater lures that a person can use, but we will list just a few as the whole list would require more bandwidth than I have available to this blog. These lures come in dozens of different colors and shapes and actions.

My favorite topwater lures are buzz baits, zara spooks, topwater chug or popper baits, Jitterbugs, Rogues, torpedos,poppin R's, senkos and floating worms. As I stated earlier there are alot more available but these are a few that I use and have great success using them. Not only that I have alot of confidence in them Because I know they work, at least for me. I am sure if you learn to use them you will have great success with them too.

Topwater lures are good throughout the summer, with success coming at day or night. Even a big spinner bait if reeled rather quickly waking the surface is a very effective top water lure.There are a lot of crankbaits that are sub surface lures retrieved within 12 inches of the surface are excellent choices too.

A real good indicator is the surface action of feeding fish chasing minnows or busting surface bugs or whatever. This indicates surface feeding and usually dictates the best time to try topwater lures. Though I have had a lot of success when there wasn,t any surface feeding that was visual.

The bite is usually a boil or big loud splash and then a real hard jerk. When you get a topwater bite , wait until you feel the jerking before you set the hook. If you set the hook when the splash happens you will usually jerk the lure out of the basses mouth. A lot of the time a bass will blow up on a bait 2 or 3 times before they get on.

Each kind of topwater lures has its own unique way of retrieval or action , some move rather fast , some slow. Some just have action and no noise. You really need to have a variety of topwater lures as some work better than others during certain weather, or lighting conditions.

There is so much information out there on different topwater lures and colors and conditions and weather all fit into the puzzle to determine the best time to use these lures.

You can catch smallmouth , largemouth , kentuckies, white bass,hybrids, and stripers even an occasional walleye. During the day you can usually see the bass boil or strike the lure. Bass hit these lures very aggressively, and head for deep water when hooked. If you wait to feel the jerk and then set the hook you will not have near as many misses and alot more success at getting them to the net.

As I have stated before there will be future articles on topwater lures , so stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to "Kennys Great Outdoors" to keep up with further developments and more detailed articles on a lot of different subjects, feel free to comment , I really like the feed back that I get, good or bad it doesn't matter , as it will help me to respond with better information and tips.

Remember to keep your hooks wet , fish safe, practice catch and release. Most of all enjoy the "Great Outdoors" and we will see you out there, and Good Luck!

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