Saturday, June 7, 2008

Canoe Floats and Fishing On the "Big Piney River"

If you have been keeping up with articles on "Kenny's Great Outdoors" you might remember a post I did, If you did read it great! If you didn't then check here in my blog archives in April and look for Fishing On the "Big Piney River"anyways to summarize I have about 44 years of floating and fishing on this magnificent, spring fed river.

The "Big Piney" was rated by "Field and Stream" magazine as one of the best fishing streams in Missouri. If you do a google search on the "Big Piney River" you will be surprised at all the entries available for a thorough research on this river. It has a truely amazing history that goes back into the late 1800's. Known by earlier settlers for the fishing, water resource, and trapping , and used heavily by the indians as evident of all the artifacts still surfacing on these river bottoms. If you happen to find some artifacts , remember that there are very specific laws governing these findings and the best thing to do is leave them alone! ;-)

There are at least 2 or 3 canoe rental resorts on the "Big Piney" There may be more if you do your research, but I
am going to suggest 2 here today. If you click on the links you will go to their home page and you can make reservations if needed. They are busy this time of year but if you call ahead they will let you know their open dates.

Rich's Last Resort

Located near Duke , Missouri or the town of Big Piney , Missouri, Rich has been here along time and has been an associate and friend the the Breckenridge family. He has a river access, cabins, campgrounds, showers, and whatever you need for accomodations and he is very hospitable. Depending on how many days you want to float
he can accommodate the vehicle to haul the canoes and put you in the river and take you out. Click on his link above for more information and brochures. These brochures and documents are in pdf format for you to download.

Boiling Spring Resort

I used to know the owners of this fabulous resort, it has changed ownership and rumor has it among the locals around Licking Missouri that they are very hospitable. They have camping areas , boat and canoe transport, groceries bait , etc. Click on the link and you can find out more about this Famous resort. Boiling Springs has a flow of about 12 million gallons of cold spring water as pure as water can be. There are several springs of this nature flowing in the river . In the summertime the water is so cold it will take your breath and numb you fast.

So depending on your preference , whether it is fishing, canoeing , camping, beautiful scenery, or whatever, the "Big Piney River" has exactly what you desire from the " Great Outdoors" If your into photography, make sure you bring your camera and plenty of film. You nearly always see, deer, turkeys, wildpigs, armadillos, squirrels , birds of every kind, and you might even see a bald eagle or golden eagle. Wild life is plentiful, and there are lots of wild flowers , all of which make beautiful pictures for your memory keepsakes.

So in closing if you have never been on a fishing trip or canoe trip on the "Big Piney" river , then you just haven't lived yet. Just click on the links to The 2 listed resorts above and be sure to Tell them that you heard about them on Kennys Great Outdoors

So until next time, keep your hooks wet, practise outdoor safety, and definitely above all things, enjoy
the "Great Outdoors" and we will see you out there on the lakes or maybe you might even run into me on the "Big Piney River. I didn't mean that literally. ;- )

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