Thursday, September 10, 2009

Take A Stand - Get Involved - Speak Up!

As summer draws to an end and fall settles in, I want to address an issue, that, believe it or not, effects all Missourians and those of you in all the other states of this country. Water Pollution!

I fish in several streams and reserviors in Missouri and Arkansas and I have been observing for many years, that the quality of water in our reserviors and streams has been slowly but surely, becoming polluted in one way or another! Being quiet is not the answer, people!

Those of us who fish, or boat for recreational purposes, have become careless and down right inconsiderate to the fish, and wildlife that depend upon these streams and water sources for their very survival!

How many times have you flipped a cigarette, lure box, trash, or whatever on to the bank or into the water? I have observed jugs used for cat fishing just floating around, deserted and left for some one else to worry about. Well in fact here in Missouri, there are people who do care, and I am one of those who do care!

I remember a commercial on TV, of an Indian in a canoe, paddling down the river and the Indian, was observing trash, broken glass, etc! At the end of the commercial it showed the Indian with tears streaming down his face. I, as a little boy was touched by this commercial and all my life, I have had high regards for the outdoors, whether it be rivers and streams or lakes and woods. The very wildlife that we seek depend on us to keep it clean!

Here is an exact copy of an article, that I hope you will read and get involved!!!!! You don't have to be a Missourian to get involved, because, whether you know it or not, affects all the people in the USA! Not only does the wildlife and fish depend on clean water, but so do WE!

Read on Please! This is the article from the - "Missouri Coalition For the Environment"

Please join in the effort to restore and protect Missouri's streams -- your streams -- for ourselves and generations to come.

Missouri is a "water" state, being home to over 180,000 miles of streams, as well as many lakes and reservoirs. We would like to say that all of these waters are clean, safe for recreation, and healthy enough to support a full range of aquatic life. But we can't--not by a long shot.

In fact, Missouri streams are in serious trouble, and they need your help.

Platte Creek More than 85% of Missouri's streams lack basic protections for recreation and aquatic life -- protections required by the federal Clean Water Act but never put in place in Missouri. As a result, most of the thousands of legal waste water discharges to our streams do not remove dangerous bacteria or keep hazardous toxics to levels safe for fish and other life.

And then there are the other sources of damage to our streams:

* agricultural runoff that dumps huge amounts of soil into streams as well as nitrogen and phosphorus that create algae blooms and suck critical oxygen from the water
* storm water that erodes streams and fills them with oil, grease, bacteria, road salt, and other chemicals from streets, parking lots, and lawns
* development construction that covers, channels, and allows sediment to wash into streams
* gravel mining that alters stream channels and destroys ecosystem integrity
* 4-wheel drive vehicles and ATVs that damage stream beds and banks
* and, unfortunately, much, much more...

So, there are lots of problems. Can you really make a difference? Yes!

Click on this link to learn more---->"Missouri Coalition For the Environment" Do Not be quiet when you see some one or a business polluting our land and streams, it is our responsibility to maintain and preserve our outdoor lands and water resources, if not for the wildlife, just do it for yourself and the future generations of your family!

So, until next time, boat safely, and take your trash home with you! Report all violations of pollution whether it be an individual are a big enterprise, It Is STILL POLLUTION! GET INVOLVED, SPEAK UP!

Cool quote of the day:

Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself. --Anonymous

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Wolfy said...

Great post on a subject that is - or should - near and dear to all of us. Saying and doing nothing is NOT an option if we want to continue to be able fiash and wade in our streams and rivers.


Jon Dice said...

I remember the Indian commercial, too. It always made me sad. Some people just don't care. Once, I saw a man, probably in his 60s, empty his boat of all trash by throwing it into the lake! This was just before the launch of a tournament he was competing in. Made me so mad, I trolled over to him and said in disgust, "That's just ridiculous! You need to pick that up or I will see that you are banned from this series!" He picked up what hadn't already sinked and I never saw him again. Rule to go by: When you leave take your trash and someone else's. Good post, Kenny!

Shoreman said...

Nicely said Kenny. One of the rules in the Ethics & Manners of fishing is: "Do Not Litter". Another is: "Take out more than you took in". Respect the waters you access and the life that lives there. In Sacramento, they have days where trash pickup on the American River produces so much garbage it makes you sick. I know, we as Fishermen and Hunters do our part, but the population in general needs some more education.


Kenny Breckenridge said...

Wolfy - I totally agree!

Jon - Good for you! Good advice for all!

Mark (shoreman) - you have made a very good point, if it makes you sick to look at it then how do you think fish and wildlife feel having to live in it and or deal with it!

Thanks for your feed back, all of you!

Even though it is true we shouldn't litter, this only constitutes about 5% of the problem! Most pollution starts on dry land, far from a creek, stream, or lake. One of the biggest problems is when it is a rainy season and this stuff, whether it be pesticides, fertilizer for your lawns, dumping used motor oil, etc...and there are thousands of other pollutants that we don't even consider, the water that sheds on high land runs down hill into a small creek, then into a stream, then into a lake, and so on! We all need to think before we do, and watch out for the big guys, ( big business, animal farms, etc, and report anything that is running into our rivers and streams that is out of the norm! Some people and big business know they are polluting our rivers and streams via, flooding and such. The scary thing is that it can also filter into our drinking water. Here in Missouri a lot of rural people have well water and more and more people are testing their wells and find pollutants in the water, when tested! Now is the time to do something about it not after a species, such as the eagle, or now the hellbender salamander is being threatened by pollution, the Missouri Conservation says the hellbender population is down by about 70%, is it already too late? NO! But it is going to take a joint effort and that has to be from every level including private citizens, outdoors people and the goverment bodies that monitor and make decisions, we all have to work together to educate, everyone! Prosecute and fine all businesses and citizens that are in violation! Hit them where it hurts, the Pocket Book!

Once again thanks for the comments and the nice things you have all said!

Paul Steeve said...

It's great to see someone passionate about water pollution. Aquatic life don't get the respect and care they deserve. You put a lot of great info on here, and it is very inspiring for me to do my part.

Kenny Breckenridge said...

Paul, thanks for the comment and the nice things you said, I am passionate about all aspects of the outdoors, and when the opportunity comes, I speak from the hip and tell it like I feel, which is Just my opinion. Thanks for stopping by!

Albert A Rasch said...

Great reminder. I've linked to it at TROC for the Saturday Blog Rodeo.

Best regards,
The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles
National Hunting and Fishing Day

Kenny Breckenridge said...

Albert, thanks for stopping by, the comment and the link love! Your comments are always welcome here!
Glad you liked the article!