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The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles

I want to take a moment to, point you all , to an excellent blog, that I personally follow and HAVE on my blog roll favorites list! The Rash Outdoor Chronicles . Albert is an excellent author and very professional! He is always, on top of everything in the outdoor niche! I have copied, with his permission, this entire post, on Blog Rodeo: 9/12/09. If you don't follow or know about his blog take the time to go over to his blog and check him out, You won't be sorry! Tell him Kenny, over at Kenny's Great Outdoors sent you!

Blog Rodeo: 9/12/09

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Well, here is another Saturday and it is time for another Rodeo!

I've picked out posts that I especially enjoyed this week from the hundreds of blogs I follow. Remember if you bump into a post you especially like, drop me a note and I'll include it in the Rodeo. You can even feel free to copy this whole post and run it on your own blog; always nice to give a little link love to our fellow bloggers!

Blog Rodeo: 9/12/09

Wild Ed's Texas Outdoors: Texas Eurasian or Collared Dove nice biology lesson by Wild Ed. As it turns out do not have to count them in your bag limit as they are an exotic. Ed recommends that you have a great time shooting and eating this bonus species.

From my favorite tech and security blogger comes an important security update for all of you that use Wordpress. Bore Patch: IMPORTANT: Wordpress Bloggers: upgrade now Hurry up and get it fixed!

Mr Ron over at Ron's Primitive Skills has a great little device/project that is a must have for your E&E kit. The Fire Starting Rig is a great project for Scouts, your kids, and anyone else interested in making sure they can start a fire.

Whit Spurzon recounts the start of a spectacular bear season with at least eight of his fellow hunters tagging their bears. Bears Down! One of them even did it after bicycling in.

Rick over at Whitetail Woods has a couple of back to back posts that I thought were very informative. First on Savory Sundays #30 Rick reviews a couple of cookbooks dedicated to venison, and then Rick goes and visits with Nate, the "CrackShotHunter" and enjoys not only the company and camaraderie of a fellow deer hunter, but does a little shooting, and gets to try some savory smoked venison that Nate made up for the occasion!

What Would You Do? Good question. What would you do if your adult daughter was being stalked by her ex-husband, if you could see that sooner or later he was going to kill her, if you had exhausted the legal steps, and the police were telling you that once you daughter was dead, they would arrest her abuser? Do you abide by the law and watch your daughter terrorized, knowing that it will lead to her death? We all know the answer, the question is would you do something about it? He did. Read about it: What Would You Do?

Afghan Lessons Learned is the Internet leader in getting soldiers prepared for the reality that is Afghan warfare. Donations Needed for Coin Library They are setting up a school in Kabul at the foot of the ruins Queens Castle to teach and expand the doctrine of population centric concepts for operations; in other words teach 'em how to fight the Taliban with every weapon in the arsenal: legal, intellectual, agricultural, sociological, you name it they're going to teach it to beat the savages at their own game. They need our help to get the fellows books and supplies. Remember, while you're here, all cosy in front of your computer, there are guys with sand up there asses and ducking bullets. Think about it...

Marian's Hunting Stories has a great refresher on firearms, gun control, polotics, and good things to know.
Check out Marian's Firearms Refresher Course, it's short, educational, and very entertaining.

Chad Love has a great post, hell he's got lots of great posts, but I'll limit myself to this new one. Photographic Chronicle of Youth Versus Age a small reminder of who we were, and who we are. Time, what a bummer.

Kenny's Great Outdoors: Take A Stand - Get Involved - Speak Up! Kenny's on an informational crusade against pollution in his neck of the woods. It seems that people are begining to take the waterways for granted again and pollution is on the rise. Let's give every waterway the respect and care it deserves. As Kenny says, "Being quiet is not the answer, people!"

Over at the Daily Limit, US v. Stevens goes to the Supreme Court covers the soon to be heard case against a certain type of abhorrent and deviant behavior. Unfortunately, the way the law is written it would most certainly be used against hunting and fishing videos. DK has it covered and is keeping us abreast.

Now for the "You really shouldn't piss Albert off first thing in the morning," category. Seems some lowlife named Dell left a really, really nasty and profane comment at the OBS. Kristine handled him quite handily, but I really want to go whip his sorry ass. I'll just have to settle for dismembering his online persona...

The Survivalist Blog has an impressive set of links to virtually anything related to prepping, survival, and self sufficiency. The Ultimate Collection is pretty darned near Ultimate!

That's it for this week. Remember, if you have a post and you want me to highlight it, just let me know!


I personally like this blog post and you can find it here @ National Hunting and Fishing Day

Hope you enjoy all of these interesting and informative articles! So Until next time enjoy
the " Great Outdoors!" See ya all out there soon, I hope!
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Borepatch said...

Thanks for the kind words.

And your 30 funniest headlines are a riot!

Kenny Breckenridge said...

Borepatch - thanks for stopping by and your kind words! Love feedback as it plays an important roll in deciding on future articles!

Albert A Rasch said...


thanks for putting the post up. I think it's really important that all of us try to link to good posts out there. Sportsmen need all the exposure that they can get, and linking is a good way to get it.

Thanks again,
Instincts and Hunting

Kenny Breckenridge said...

Albert, you are welcome and I totally agree! Thanks for dropping in!