Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Outdoor Adventures - Very Busy?

Wow, the last week or so has been so busy, what with all the last minute activities of fall! Busy time of the year here as all outdoor activities are in full swing! Fall bass fishing is fantastic and has been easy to catch them fall bass! Went twice last week, once on Truman Lake, and once on Lake of the Ozarks! Both trips were really good! I caught a lot of large mouth bass on Bill Dance fat free shad! Caught several on rattle traps, spinners, and bass bandits were all good!

I found several mushrooms in the past week! We all call them "deer antler" mushrooms or coral mushrooms! They are excellent rolled in flower and fried in vegetable oil! They are excellent just sauteed in butter too!

Bow season is in full swing, which is what I mainly am doing right now! I have seen several deer, but haven't had a shot yet! There is a lot of squirrels, and the acorn crop is good this year so squirrel, deer, and turkeys are surely to be scattered every where! I have had squirrel and dumplings quite often as of late, yummy!

Gigging season is in full swing and I have been getting several suckers, wow, they are tasty and plentiful, as I have been eating, probably more than my share, though the river is up and muddy right now, so the gigging seems to be out for a few days till the rivers around here clear up again.

Oh well, that still leaves plenty to do around here, as I am still cutting fire wood and clearing some land around here, I cut and sell fire wood so that is a lot of work in itself, so yes, it has been extremely busy around here , doing all the work , and fishing, around here! It 's a tough job but someone has to do it! It might had well be me, don't you think?

Rabbit season and the gun deer season is still around the corner, but by then the fishing at the lake will be red hot again and well as you can see, no wonder, I haven't had time to post anything, even though I have had lots of things to post , just not nearly enough time to sit down and type! So this is just a recap of the last week or so to bring you all back up to sluff, here at "Kenny's Great Outdoors"

So until next time, keep your hooks wet, and your lines tight!
See ya all out there I hope!

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Wolfy said...

Kenny - Like you, I LOVE the Fall season. I think we need to find a way to get it extended. How about: Dec. and Jan. - Winter. Feb. thru June - Spring. July - Summer. Aug. thru November - Fall.

I can dream, can't I?? (Can you tell I'm not a "Summer Person"?)


Anonymous said...

Kenny, I can certainly relate to being busy lately. Now that autumn is here it is only going to get busier at least for me. I sure wish I still bowhunted because than I would probably be out hunting than sitting here in front of the computer.

Kenny Breckenridge said...

Wolfy - you are too cool, I love the fall and spring, dreaming is what the outdoors is all about. Makes us have good dreams!

Rick - yeah its very busy, but I do still manage to mix the play time with the work time fairly well! There doesn't seem to be as much sunlight now its getting darker earlier! Loaded up in the dark the other night , not a lot of fun!

Thank you both for your comments and blessing us with your visit, as always!