Thursday, September 24, 2009

Missouri Bow Hunting - What A Day!

Wow, I just got back from my evening bow hunt! It was quite an afternoon, and excellent evening! I just bought a good outdoor ground blind, its all camouflaged
and roomy enough to shoot a bow! Pretty good size you might say.Anyway, it was drizzling rain all afternoon and sometimes the rain came down pretty hard, if you catch my drift! Hardly was a breeze a blowin and when it did blow it was for a minute or two and then you could hear everything!

As I said in an earlier post, the squirrels are as thick as rats on a ship, and they are dropping acorns all over the place, so your on your own in the woods right now, hard hat may be required! They are running all over the woods, and a small flock of turkeys came feeding by my blind and I considered a shot at one but, declined the shot as I didn't want to spook the site!

They were scratching and digging and feeding on bugs and such, and the squirrels are raisin Cain, if you don't mind me saying so, and the rain keeps coming on down, but in a slow misty drizzle. Now this is about 2 pm and I am sitting in my chair, yes, I said chair, as in an easy chair, out in the woods, like I said the blind has plenty of room, I have a small coffee table for coffee, snacks, apples, you know the routine!

So I am killing some time, I pour a cup of coffee, and peel me an apple, conveniently throwing the peelings out the window onto the ground! I kinda like the smell and I hear the deer do too! I am sitting there enjoying my apple, and coffee, when all of a sudden, the squirrels got quiet! The turkeys got quiet and starting doing those turkey things like puttin and stuff! For some reason this alerted me to maybe something might not be right! Either a bobcat,coyote, or maybe a deer, could have shut all the creatures up, and only one other problem!

My bow is lying on the floor of my blind, no arrow in the nock of course and I have a cup of coffee in one hand , an apple in the other! Ha! Now what? I slowly turn to see behind me and there, not 15 yds away from my blind, nose down, licking and chawing on my salt block and mineral blocks, was a nice 6 pt buck!

Now I immediately, put down the coffee, dropped the apple, grabbed the bow and the arrow, cocked it slowly swung back around and.....He was GONE! He had somehow gotten out of my line of site and so I turned back around the other way and banged my coffee cup with my broadhead and the Buck was about 30 yards and turned broadside and stopped, staring at the blind but still not sure what was wrong, just knew something was wrong!

Well this is the moment of truth, I raise my bow and take a site, and I let go...........! He took off like a fire in the prairie and acted as though I didn't even touch him but it looked like the arrow was on the mark so I sat there for about an hour, and climbed out of my blind and walked to where I shot him and looked for blood or hair and found neither! Around 4 pm I called a friend of mine to come help me track this deer! We searched until well after dark and found only my arrow! Now this is good news, for me as the arrow was clean accept the dirt it hit! No blood, now I am not happy about the miss, but I am glad I did miss because he will live to see another day!

I guess I will live to see another day myself, so all is well! I loved the afternoon and the creatures and just being in the outdoors, nice and warm and dry! Thanks to my new deer blind, all went well! Hope you enjoyed this post and you can comment if you would like. Make your self at home and check out the archives, and be sure to subscribe if your not already, either by a reader or email your choice, so feel free to subscribe and keep up to date with the latest updates, here at "Kenny's Great Outdoors"

So until next time keep your tail dry and enjoy the "Great Outdoors!" See ya out there!
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Anonymous said...

Very nice story and sorry you missed. I am sure you will meet up with him again.

Good Luck!

Paul Steeve said...

You get to have snacks and stay out of the rain...that blind sounds like a good deal! Sorry to hear about the miss, though. Hopefully you have a long enough season to get another shot at him. Good luck!

Kenny Breckenridge said...

Rick, thanks for the kind things you said in your comment. I am sure he will be back and I will be waiting for him!

Paul, see what happens when you get to comfortable? Ya get caught with your pants down! Our bow season lasts from Sept 15 until December 31, closing only for the gun season which is 10 days ! So I am sure I will get another chance at him! But, there is a 12 point that I am looking out for, he has a rocking chair on his head! So missing the 6 point is not much of a disappointment!

Albert A Rasch said...


That's just the way it works out sometimes, isn't it. Hopefully it will come together next time.

By the way, how do you keep the deer from spooking when the milk steamer goes off?

Best regards,
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Wandering Owl said...

Great story Kenny, but sorry we didn't get to see a pic of this deer! I'm thinking about investing in a ground blind. Good luck the rest of the season!

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Nice post. I love hunting too.

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