Monday, October 27, 2008

Bass Fishing Using Spinner Baits!

Spinner baits are an all around any time of the year bass catching lures, that most fishermen use, but how they use them can make all the difference, in catching more and bigger bass. Below are a few tips on how to use the spinner bait to make your next bass fishing adventure a successful one. Size and color is more times important than not, so you need to experiment with colors and sizes and determine what old "bucket mouth" wants on any given day.

1- Spinner baits can be reeled slowly in or fast depending on water temperatures and time of the year, in other words shallow to deep retrieves.

2- Often more times than not color makes a difference, a lot of things determine this situation, water clarity, and amount of sunlight or lack of sunlight.

3- Slow rolling or dragging the bottom is effective when bass aren't wanting to chase a lure very far, it also induces a reaction strike, because it appears to be an injured shad, making it an easy meal for a hungry bass.

4- Dragging a spinner just over the tops of submersed grass or vegetation, can induce a strike from a hungry bass lying in hiding. If your lure gets caught rip it loose and this can cause a reaction strike from a finicky bass.

5- working a spinner over and around cover , such as logs and stumps, or large rocks, occasionally bumping into these things , can induce a hungry bass bite.

6- Reeling the lure very fast , making the spinners to cause a wake at the surface is killer for big hungry aggressive bass bites, especially when the top water bite is on, usually warmer weather and water.

7- erratic retrieves like slow , stopping , fast, twitching, sideways ripping, all induce a bass feeding frenzy and will improve your success

8- being observant to what works and how it works is extremely important. Don't be afraid to experiment.

So after all is said and done , spinner baits are in fact one of the best bass lures on the market today for catching bass anytime of the year. Some of the biggest bass I have ever caught have been on spinner baits , spring , summer, fall, and even in the winter too!

So once again, I hope you , practice some of these tips , and if you do , I am sure you will catch more bass. Until next time, keep your spinner baits wet! Good luck and hope to see ya out there. Enjoy the "Great Outdoors!"

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Tom Sorenson said...

Ahh - now you're talking my language, Kenny! :) Actually, I fish for bass with in-line spinner generally, but the same idea. In fact, I'm hoping to go out this weekend - I'll let you know how I do!