Thursday, September 25, 2008

Best Ways To Catch Bass Consistantly...

Now, I can hear you now, Here we go again! And that's right, here we go again! In this article I hope to give you some worth while tips to add to your arsenal. Not so much what kind of lures, But, how to locate and catch more bass. To me it is just common sense. To some it is as difficult as , jumping out of a helicopter naked! But it doesn't really have to be!

There are some important factors to consider when hit your favorite lake or even a new unfamiliar lake. Bass much like the weather can sometimes be very unpredictable. Down right contrary sometimes and even get a case of lock jaw in the process.

There are basically 3 things to focus on when you arrive at the lake.

You have to be able to analyze the fishing conditions , so as to know where and how to catch the fish. And the last I heard , catching fish is why we go fishing. Enough said!

The present , and future, weather forecast will help you to determine somewhat how the fish will behave. Like I have said before, bass have very unpredictable behavior, and because of this behavior, be difficult to find and even harder to persuade to bite.

What is the water color? Is it clear, or is it dingy , or even stained. These conditions can determine the type of lures, such as color , size, or even noise. What is the water temperature?

And then food , what is the natural food chain in the lake. Knowing what the food chain is helps to determine what you want to imitate. Like shad, or crawdads, of crayfish, however you say it in your neck of the woods.
Now to locate and catch fish consistently!

Determine the depth, Determine location, and Presentation are the 3 keys to becoming more successful on your outings. You will find and catch more fish and these three keys will also help you to overcome new lake unfamiliar water syndrome.

If your on a new lake and/or your favorite lake try to catch some other fishermen at the marinas or coming in while your unloading. Find out more than anything , the DEPTH ! DEPTH , is probably the most important factor in fishing. If you fish without knowing , fish all levels and notice what depth you catch fish at when you catch at least 3 at that depth you have determined pretty well what lures to use that will come in at that depth.

Where you catch these fish is also important. Whether it is on a point, a ledge, , a flat, or a bluff , you are slowly determining a pattern. You have determined depth and location and THEN, you can determine the presentation. Meaning, the wiggle , vibration, noise , lack of noise, etc.. Give the bass different colors actions, slow or fast or in between.

You have learned in 3 fairly simple steps , now, on how to locate bass, and determine what lures to use, by the depth, location and presentation. It is very important to observe all of these things to become a more successful fisherman. If you give bass the preferred food at the preferred depth , and the preferred location , the rest is just history , More Fish, which is preferred in my boat, and I am sure it is the same in your boat!

Yes BASS are unpredictable in their behavior, but learning how a bass lives helps to determine with more accuracy, how to fish them and what to use to catch them , also where and at what depth to catch them. It will come to you the more you fish. But in the long run you will become more consistent and more successful. And this is a good thing.

So until next time, hope you enjoyed and learned something new here. Maybe next time you will have greater success locating and catching and determine where to fish and how to fish for them.

Keep your hooks wet, practices catch and release. Boat safely and enjoy "The Great Outdoors!"


Tom Sorenson said...

Would jumping out of a helicopter naked be any more difficult than jumping from it fully clothed?

Anyways - good tips, as usual. This is the time of year for them to start their bite going again - once hunting season ends, I'm going to head out and see if I can round up a fish or two before they shut 'er down for the cold months.

Kenny Breckenridge said...

I suppose its not hard to jump out of a helicopter fully clothed but to me it would be if you was naked ,because someone on the ground might be there watching you come down. HA! Yes , the fall bite is here again, but it can be tricky with all the northern fronts coming in etc...

Tom Sorenson said...

Good point - it is like early spring fishing. You get the weather fronts moving in and out and it can create for some finicky bite times.