Friday, July 11, 2008

Just Got Back From Fishing Vacation !

If you have been following my blog posts , you know that for about a week , there has been nothing going on here at Kennys Great Outdoors. Behind the scenes proves this not to be a true statement. The last post was about my pre-vacation, trout fishing trip. I have some things to share with my readers and with a little luck everyone will understand , that its not always about fishing sometimes. I went to Truman again and the fishing was slow but very rewarding. We didn't have to worry about groceries as the fish was abundant. Had several good fish frying expeditions and I might have gained a pound or two.

I haven't told you all about the newest addition to Kennys Great Outdoors. On June 23, 2008, I became a blessed man. A little 5 lb.11 ounce baby girl (my granddaughter) was born. She is of course a little cutie, if I must say so myself. So I now have a new little fishing buddy. We just might let her dad go fishing with us If he's good and can behave. Her name is Cadence Leanne, and I can already tell she is going to love the outdoors, like her Grandpa. She looks good in camoflauge too don't you think?

About 3 days ago a good fishing buddy of mine passed on from this life , to that good ole fishing hole in the heavens. I will miss him a lot and I will greatly miss his sense of humor and the fun times we shared together. Now he will be catching more and bigger bass than me, if he will use all the fishing tips that I ever gave him that is.

And last but not least, I somehow or another have torn my rotator cup in my right shoulder. Ouch! It is the most painful injury I have ever experienced. I can"t raise my arm above my head, and I can't reach back either. I guess I am going to have to undergo surgery, If I have to.
I am still awaiting the results of all the tests. to determine, the extent of my injury. I still don't know exactly how I did this. If I forget and reach up or back, the pain is very intense and lasts for several minutes.

Well enough about me, and as far as the future of Kennys Great Outdoors, well , even if I have to type with one hand, the show WILL go on, folks. Yes, we will still be here, bright eyed and bushy tailed! Well bright eyed anyways. So if you are a fisherman/woman who believes in prayer, I would appreciate your prayers , for my shoulder and a speedy recovery if surgery is necessary. I don't know how long it takes to heal after this kind of surgery, but I guess I will be just fine. I don't know how I will handle not being able to fish,but I guess I will have to manage.

So until next time , keep your hooks wet, boat and fish safely, And remember to enjoy the "Great Outdoors" See ya out there, soon, I hope. Catch a few for me, and make sure if they are for me , that they are really big ones! ;-)


The Adventurist said...


First off, I am sorry to hear about your close friend passing. Those things are quite tough. I have dealt with it a few times myself.

Secondly, congratulations on the new family addition. Weird how stuff like this seems to come. Sad on one end, happy on the other. I(t is all a part of god's big plan. Will keep you in our prayers.

Hope that shoulder gets better! Also hope it's not your casting arm..

Anonymous said...

Your granddaughter is adorable. What a sweetheart!

I'm sorry to hear about your shoulder. From what I've heard, those sorts of injuries do take some rehab, but you should get full mobility back.

Tom Sorenson said...

Sorry to hear about the passing of a friend. Those times are hard.

Congrats on the new grandbaby! How exciting!

Bummer about the shoulder - I hope you're able to fish still?! That would be tragic if you had to shut down the fishing season because of a shoulder injury!

Kenny Breckenridge said...

Yes, It is my casting arm and I will probably not get to fish for awhile. I am ok as long as I don't move my arm in a sudden way. When I put on a shirt or reach up or back, it really hurts. I really appreciate everyones concern. I do not know how I injured it. I guess if the doctor recommends surgery, I will get the surgery. If that is the case fishing season is closed for me until I recover. I really hate that but I will appreciate fishing a lot more when I get to go again.