Friday, July 18, 2008

Finesse Fishing? Are You Kidding?

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Once again we are going to talk about them hard times fishing. You know when the bass either seem to have lock jaw or just don't seem to like anything you are throwing to them. Recently at the lake, I was experiencing one of those days! It is down right frustrating. I spent a half of a day fishing hard, and managed 2 small keepers into the livewell.

I went over to the local marina for a bite to eat and a cold drink. There were several locals there and everyone was complaining about the bite. It just simply wasn't happening. In particular there were 2 fisherman, who must have been the most respected in the area , who said they threw every lure in the boat, with little or no success. Nearly everyone in the marina agreed, It was probably best to go home and get under the A\C.

Now for most bass fishermen , to say that you threw every lure in the boat is borderline to lying. I don't have as many lures as most fishermen do and in a half day of fishing, I probably couldn't throw a third of my lures. I doubt that most hardcore bass fishermen could throw every lure in their boat in just a half of a day.

So as I sat there eating my burger and fries and drinking that cold one,I thought to myself what would I recommend to my readers if this scenerio ever came up? And the answer , came to me in an unusual way. As the 2 locals were leaving someone threw the comment at them. " The secret to catching fish, is simply in the wrist action" and they all left and then it hit me." Technique or Finesse fishing!" We
sometimes forget the simple things and it is the simple things that get the job done sometimes.

What is "finesse" fishing? It simply means to down size your lures and tackle. Thats it! Plain and simple" I have heard this technique of fishing just leads to catching small fish. This is simply not true.
Finesse fishing has led to big bass in the live well and finesse fishing has even caused fishermen, fishing in tournements, to take home the prize money.

Here are just a few examples of down sizing or "finesse fishing" tips to add to your arsenal. These work for me and I am sure they will work for you.

A 4 inch plastic worm texas rigged is killer! Small crankbaits like, a tiny O, or spinning size wee R, Small spoons, mini sized rattle traps, crappie jigs, road runners. Small minnow lures are excellent ! Try the count down rapalas. Remember to keep them small. Finesse means down size and this is a very effective technique. Some times a bass simply wants a smaller lure. Maybe its because so many bass have seen tons of big lures that the little ones are that different thing or procedure that will induce even the most finickiest bass.

So until next time keep your hooks wet and we will see you out there!
Boat safely and remember to "enjoy" the "Great Outdoors!" Oh yeah, by the way, when I decided to downsize that day at the lake I ended up limiting out with the minimum bass weighin 4 1/2 lbs I culled the 2 small keepers and had a successfull day on the lake when the rest of the area locals had given up. So try "finesse" fishing and change your day the next time your having one of those hard days a fishin !

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Tom Sorenson said...

Not a bad day, after all, huh?! It's funny what fish will take sometimes - there are times when ANYONE can catch a fish, and times when a seasoned pro leaves the lake's always nice to have another piece of advice in the arsenal of methods to try for those tough days.