Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jig n Pig - Tips n Tricks For Summer TIme Bass!

The jig is one of the best baits you can use to not only catch
deep bass but to figure out where they are located. By this I
mean a jig in deep water becomes a fish finder. You can
bang it into things to get a feel for what exactly is down
there at the same time that you attempt to catch fish on it.

I use the jig to explore and search for good structure
along weed lines in my local lakes,much of this jig
fishing is done in water that is about 15 to 20 ft deep.
This may not seem extremely deep but consider that
more times than not, jig fisherman concentrate their
jig throwing in water that is shallower than 4 to 6 ft

As I have said before summertime bass fishing can be
a challenge but not if you use you head and be different
from the rest of the summer time fishermen
fisherwomen. Most fishermen bang the banks and
there's nothing wrong with that but those big
weekends like this one coming up, that's a lot of
bank fishing pressure! Now if you start on the banks
and the pressure is great, then be flexible and you will
be more successful than others.

Lets say its mid morning, and you have thrown every
possible variety of lure. You tried spinner baits, and
caught a few early. You threw top water, crank baits
of every design and color , minnow lures, all fast lures
in your box and its getting toward noon . You stop and
break out some lunch and a couple of cold sodas, iced
tea, or ice water, and all the while your thinking you
should have stayed home and under the a/c.

Now even though you probably would be more comfortable
this doesn't put any fish in your fryin pan or your belly and
besides,the wifey would probably have a few honey-do things
for you to do. All morning you have been fishing shallow with
pretty fair success. And the bite has come to a screeching

After you eat , take out your jigs,
find some different kinds of
trailers like, crawls , frogs, double
curly tails, etc., and rig up a
couple of combinations, and start
a boat ride, scouting expedition
and start looking for some
different terrain. Now there are several things to be on
the look out for. Now let's see to start off with there's
sunken islands, secondary creek channels, road beds,
big boat docks , shade under trees,main river channels
running next to points , channels with current.
Current mixes oxygen with water and makes good
bass attraction.

Now the large mouth bass very seldom gets down
below 30 ft , like their cousins the spotted bass,
Or as some would say, Kentucky bass. And in my
opinion a Kentucky is just as good eating as a
large mouth. In fact most people can't tell the
difference between a large mouth and a Kentucky.
But that's a different subject and maybe later on
we will discuss that.

Now your probably wondering how do I find these
areas like was described above? Maps and good
electronics is a necessity,unless you fished the
lake before it was flooded and you already know
where these areas are. So get out the maps,
look for water depths of about 20 ft or so around
these types of locations, motor to them and start
fishing that jig n pig or jig n frog, or jig n what ever
trailer you decide and proceed to try your luck.

A jig n pig , lets say, falls pretty slow but will go
deep. So make your cast and let it sink. When it
hits the bottom , just let it sit.I have found that
the slower you fish this rig,especially when
it is hot and the fish are deep, the more success
you will have!

Now after a little bit, lift your rod tip about 2
inches. If the jig leaves the bottom slow it down.
I usually keep my jig n pig in contact with the
bottom. This technique is killer because it
keeps the jig in the strike zone. I like the jigs
with the skirts that are hollow and they flare out
when the lure is still. This is just the ticket that
will induce the finicky bass to strike.

Another method is the pumping method. raise
your rod tip 4 -6 inches and let the jig settle back
down to the bottom,trying this at different speeds
can sometimes trigger a strike better than the
slow. But like I said before be flexible and
don't be afraid to experiment with the retrieve.

Now depending on how deep , an
how fast I want the jig to fall, helps
me to determine the size of jig to
use, remembering that a big bulky
pork frog slows down the fall.
I usually use from 1/4 to 1/2 oz in calm water and
heavier jigs when fishing in the current.

Now there is another method I use with the jig and
frog and that is what I call the swimming retrieve.
I use this retrieve when I notice the bass are
suspended and sometimes down sizing the jig n pig
causes the rig to fall a lot slower and you
can swim it at the depth the bass are suspending .
This is extremely effective!

There are numerous colors of jigs and hundreds of
tips of trailers so some time pick the right
combinations can be tough.

I usually match my trailer to the jig as a rule .
black jig-black frog, brown jig-brown trailer,
blue jig- blue frog. No reason or logic, just my
preference because it works for me.

If a fishermen can master a jig n what ever the trailer,
then he can be successful when the bite is tough in the
summer. Some say the worm , or twister or tube or grub
or what ever the plastic combination. And I won't argue
with these choices at all , and sometimes there good, But
when the bite is tough, the pig n jig, is the old reliable
secret weapon that I always go to and I never....never..
ever go home with an empty live well.

I have been fishing on the July 4 th holiday weekend
and the fishing pressure is tough. I meet a lot of
fishermen at the marinas and on the lake ." Having
any luck they ask?" And they always wanna see and
then they ask " what did you catch them on " and I
tell them "Jig n Pig" Most everyone who does much
fishing has these in their box, but very few use them
or have master the Jig n Pig enough to catch them,
when the summer time bite is tough.

So my faithful readers, take these
tips with you to the lakes
this 4th of July weekend. If you
don't have any Jig n Pigs,
then get some. Practice what I
have shared here today and
when you get home Sunday , Let
me know what your weekend fishing trip produced . I
probably won't be surprised.

And I promise , I wont say " I told you so" Just remember to
slow this rig down and stay in contact with the bottom , or
jig it up and down , or swim it at the right depth for those
suspended bass. You will ....I repeat ... You WILL catch some bass..if you stick with it.

If they don't hit the crank baits , spinners , top waters ,
minnows , etc.DO NOT be afraid to try the Jig N Pig . Good
luck , Fish and boat safely this weekend. See ya out there .
AND enjoy the "Great Outdoors!"

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Tom Sorenson said...

I love hitting reservoirs late in the summer or early in the fall - even if the fishing isn't any good - just because the reservoirs around here get really low that time of year. I go out and mark deep points, sand bars, and what-not...come back and fish them in the spring. It usually pays off just like you say!